Our Course Facilitators & Mentors

Certificate Program Facilitators

Scott HammScott Hamm
Scott Hamm is currently the Director of Mobile Learning Research at Abilene Christian University. Currently directs the Mobile Learning Research for ACU and teaches in the graduate education program.  His background is in instructional design and has been teaching in Higher Ed for the past 15 years.  Scott also serves as Faculty in the Sloan-C Certificate Program and Mobile Learning Mastery Series Faculty.
Julia Parra

Julia Parra
Julia Parra has worked with the Sloan Consortium since 2009 as the facilitator for the Online Teaching Certificate 9-week foundation course. She is an assistant professor at New Mexico State University (NMSU). She co-develops and teaches for NMSU's Online Teaching and Learning Graduate Certificate in the College of Extended Learning and also for the College of Education's Educational Learning Technologies program. She works with a great team at NMSU on a variety of projects including faculty/teacher professional development for online teaching & classroom technology integration; development and delivery of NMSU Webinars; and uses of emerging technologies & social media in education.

Shari Smith

Shari Smith
Shari Smith is currently the e-education facilitator for the Professional Science Masters Program at Rice University and an independent e-learning consultant. She is the former Associate Director of The Center for Online Learning Research and Service (COLRS) at the University of Illinois Springfield (UIS) where she has developed and taught fully online graduate and undergraduate courses in educational technology and communication beginning in 2000. She also developed and taught a undergraduate, blended course for the UIS College of Business.  She has supported faculty in the development of online course delivery since 1999 and technology integration since 1995. She has a Masters in Communications from the University of Illinois Springfield and background in web design, technology consulting, successful grant writing and development, and state-wide program development. Research interests include online faculty development, online instructional workload, leadership, marketing of online programs on a local and national level, improving learning outcomes using Web 2.0 Tools, and inter-institutional collaborations. At UIS, Shari also served as the Director of the New Century Learning Consortium (NCLC) a collaboration of eleven institutions committed to developing vigorous online and blended learning initiatives to expand the student base and stabilize enrollments.
An online workshop and faculty development facilitator for the Sloan Consortium, Shari is also serving a two year appointment as the Chair of the Sloan-C / Merlot International Symposium for Emerging Technologies for Online Learning.

Angeka SolicAngela Velez-Solic
Angela Velez-Solic, Ph.D., has 15 years experience teaching in higher education, 7 years online teaching experience and 5 years of training and support of online faculty. She specializes in instructional design, training faculty to teach online, growing online initiatives at hesitant campuses, and promoting quality teaching in traditional, blended, and online environments.  Angela is new to Sloan-C and currently serves as a content developer for workshops. She will be facilitating the Learner Diversity workshop she also developed.

Certificate Program Mentors

Renee Cicchino

Renee M. Cicchino 
Renee M. Cicchino is a Sr. Instructional Designer for Seton Hall University, focusing on online and hybrid course design and development. She has taught both face-to-face and online for almost 20 years in many different disciplines, including communication, advertising art, and scuba diving. She is also a Quality Matters Master Reviewer and serves as the Quality Matters Institutional Representative for Seton Hall.

Renee is a 2008 Sloan-C Certificate graduate and 2009 graduate of the Institute for Emerging Leadership.

She is a frequent presenter at the Sloan-C International Conference in Online Learning (2007, 2010, 2012) and has been an OTC Mentor since 2011.

Carol Johnson

Carol Johnson
Carol Johnson (M.M., B.Ed.) is currently a PhD student at the University of Calgary in Educational Technology. She received her Master of Music degree from Belmont University (Nashville, TN) and her Bachelor of Education (Secondary Music) from the University of Alberta (Edmonton, AB).
An innovative and established music educator and professional recording artist, Carol has also given her leadership to assist both local and international arts communities.

Her doctoral research explores the established online learning research with current online music education courses to develop a online music education delivery model.

David Mohr

David C. Mohr
David C. Mohr is a Health Science Specialist, conducting research on health services at the Veterans Health Administration. He is also a Research Assistant Professor of Health Policy and Management at Boston University School of Public Health. He has taught campus and online psychology and communication classes for five years with the University of Phoenix and other institutions. He also serves as a chair and committee member for dissertation students. In addition to serving as a Sloan-C Mentor, he facilitates workshops on Adult learning, Providing Effective Feedback, Student Satisfaction: Engagement Online, and Talent Management.

Ellen MurphyEllen Marie Murphy
Ellen Marie Murphy is an experienced educator and administrator in the field of Open and Distance Education. She serves as the Co-Chair of the Blended and Online Constituent Group at Educause, and is a member of the Advisory Committee on Teaching & Learning. She is a regular speaker, trainer, and consultant on Instructional Design, Moodle, Mahara, Assessment Strategies, ePortfolios and other instructional technologies.  She is the author of the Mahara 1.4 Cookbook. Currently, she serves as the Director of Online Curriculum at SUNY Empire State College.
John Sener

John Sener
John Sener is the founder/CKO of Sener Knowledge LLC, a consulting practice which co-creates knowledge leading to positive change in education, learning, and society. He has served Sloan-C in numerous capacities, including Director of Special Initiatives (2004-2012), Effective Practices Editor (2003-2010), and JALN editorial board (inception-present). He is the author of The Seven Futures of American Education: Improving Learning & Teaching in a Screen-Captured World (CreateSpace, 2012).

He currently facilitates Sloan-C Workshops: Using Online Learning Strategically to Improve Educational Quality (April) and Using the Quality Matters Rubric to Improve Your Online Course (December)

Valerie Haven

Valerie Haven
Valerie Haven is the Academic Technology Coordinator at the University of Massachusetts

After several years providing technical support and training for faculty in a new on-line masters program, she now assists students, faculty, and staff in using assistive technology effectively in both on-ground and on-line learning environments. She also teaches courses in universal course design for the UMass instructional design program and a course on technology for special education at the University of southern Maine.

Valerie has been a member of the Sloan Consortium since 2009 and has presented at numerous International Consortium meetings. She facilitates workshops in making content accessible and how the Americans with disabilities Act informs the inclusiveness of distance-based teaching. She also consults on issues of accessibility for Sloan-C and is the 2010 recipient of the Sloan Consortium President’s Special Award for outstanding achievement by an individual in the field of on-line learning.

Laurie Hillstock

Laurie G. Hillstock
Dr. Laurie G. Hillstock has been involved with instructional technology and distance learning for approximately 15 years.  She currently serves as the Associate Vice President for Curriculum and Instruction at Southern Wesleyan University (SWU), where she provides direct leadership for the Center for Transformational Learning (CTL).  CTL serves as a central planning and advocacy function for curriculum development, faculty development, instructional technology and distance learning, and student excellence.
While new to the mentor role, Laurie serves as a member of the SLOAN-C content development team and as a facilitator for SLOAN-C workshops. 

Joan McMahon

Joan McMahon
Joan McMahon is Professor Emeritus for Towson University and Founder/Managing Member for Transforming Leaders, LLC.
Using over 35 years of experience in curriculum design and online training, Joan is interested in how online courses can be re-designed for more impact on learning.  She is also a Quality Matters Certified Master Reviewer.

Joan has developed content for the SLOAN-C newsletter on High Tech, High Touch (with Neil Davidson) in 2003. She is a veteran facilitator for the Getting Started certificate series (2006 – 2008), has mentored since 2008 and co-facilitates the Impact Workshop series.

Sloan-C Content Development Consultants

Angla Solic

Angela Solic
Angela works at Indiana University Northwest in the Center for Innovation & Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (CISTL) and in the School of Education as an Assistant Professor. Her work at IUN includes developing online course initiatives, training faculty to teach online, managing the online course grant program, instructional design support, and ensuring quality in online courses.  She has made a career out of getting institutions moving in the online direction with enthusiastic faculty buy-in.  She began her career as a traditional college English instructor in 1998 and added online teaching in 2005 where she remains as an adjunct for a few select institutions. Because she loved the online environment, she started her full time career in faculty training, support, and development in 2007. She has a BA in English and Elementary Education, MA in English, and Ph.D. in Adult & Postsecondary Education. She is a content developer and workshop facilitator for Sloan-C.

Laurie Hillstock

Laurie G. Hillstock
Dr. Laurie G. Hillstock
serves as the Associate Vice President for Curriculum and Instruction at Southern Wesleyan University (SWU).  She provides direct leadership for the Center for Transformational Learning which serves as a central planning and advocacy function for curriculum development, faculty development, instructional technology and distance learning, and student excellence.  Dr. Hillstock has been involved with instructional technology and distance learning for approximately 15 years.  She has taught a number of credit bearing courses in an online, hybrid, web-enhanced and traditional learning environment.  She has also taught with and/or administered a variety of LMS systems including: Blackboard, Canvas, e-Racer, Moodle, Sakia, and WebCT.  Dr. Hillstock earned a PhD in Educational Leadership (Higher Education) from Clemson University.  Her doctoral research focused on student attributes, lifestyle variables and institutional variables of retained first-year students enrolled in non-proximal distance learning programs.  She also holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Development from Clemson University and a Bachelor’s Degree in English (minor: Computer Science) from Converse College. Her research interests include distance learning, faculty development and student retention.  Laurie is a content developer and workshop facilitator for Sloan-C.

Sloan-C Annual Survey of Online Learning

Jeff Seaman

Jeff Seaman, Ph.D.
Jeff Seaman has worked in education information technology for over 20 years. In addition to teaching at such schools as Cornell, the University of Wisconsin, and the Wharton School, he has created and run information technology organizations for the University of Pennsylvania and Lesley University. The client list for his consulting company, Pondview Associates, includes schools such as Harvard, Tufts, Boston University, Brandeis, and the University of Pennsylvania and technology vendors including IBM and Microsoft. He has served on advisory boards for many technology companies, including Apple, Claris, IBM, Microsoft, and Word Perfect. His industry experience includes serving as Chief Technology Officer at HighWired.com where he led the development of an online learning system and as the Vice President of Engineering for Vista Associates where he did functional design work and led the engineering team. Dr. Seaman has degrees in Demography/Statistics, Sociology, Electrical Engineering, and Housing, all from Cornell University.

Accessibility Consultants

The Sloan Consortium is committed to ensuring its online educational offerings are useable and accessible by individuals of different backgrounds. To that end, we maintain an ongoing collaboration with two individuals who are experts in the field. Janie Jarrow, Ph.D. helps to ensure conference activities are accessible to all attendees and Valerie Haven provides instructional design accessibility consulting for the Sloan-C Institute. Additionally, both Janie Jarrow and Valerie Haven facilitate workshops on various topics of accessibility in online education.
Should you have questions or would like to request an accommodation for a conference or workshop, please contact us at accessibility@sloanconsortium.org.



Janie Jarrow
Jane Jarrow, Ph. D. is the President of Disability Compliance in Career and Online Learning (DCCOL) and of Disability Access Information and Support (DAIS). Dr. Jarrow received her BS and MS degrees from PurdueUniversity and her Ph.D. from WichitaStateUniversity. Her academic preparation was in the area of Speech/Language Pathology.

She was a full-time faculty member at The Ohio State University in Speech/Language Pathology for seven years before assuming a position as the Executive Director of the Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD). AHEAD is an international professional membership organization providing technical assistance, information, and support to individuals involved in issues of disability access in higher education.  
Dr. Jarrow is a skilled presenter and speaks knowledgeably about the legal and educational mandates surrounding the participation of persons with disabilities in postsecondary settings. Throughout her 14 year tenure with AHEAD, and more than 15 years in her current position with DAIS, Dr. Jarrow has traveled extensively, presenting workshops and training sessions focused on these issues. Through DAIS, Dr. Jarrow also provides technical assistance, conducts policy reviews and site reviews, participates in grant writing and editing, and is the author/publisher of a number of significant resource materials.

In 2006, Dr. Jarrow joined with a number of experienced disability service providers to create a new resource for the higher education community. Disability Compliance in Career and Online Learning (DCCOL) is considered one of the most influential sources of information regarding the policies and practices associated with accommodation students with disabilities in online learning. Instead of focusing on the technology required to assure accessible materials, Dr. Jarrow's focus is on the use of technology as one tool among many necessary to fulfill the federal mandates for full access to online educational opportunities for students with disabilities.


Workshops and Webinars

Valerie Haven
Valerie Claire Haven is adjunct faculty and staff at the University of Massachusetts. She teaches graduate courses in accessibility and inclusive learning in online education for both UMass and the University of Southern Maine. Valerie also does consulting on accessibility issues related to technology and pedagogy for technologically-mediated instruction. Her primary interests and work relate to supporting faculty and staff to integrate assistive technology into their courses as easily as possible.

Valerie’s career in assistive technology and on-line learning began in 2001 when she was hired to support the start-up of a new distance-based graduate program at UMass. She is an avid user of all types of assistive technology and develops toolkit suites to support learners with various disabilities and diverse learning styles taking on-line courses. While she is passionate about technology in general, her real interest is in helping teachers and faculty find and select the right technologies to support the learning objectives of their courses. Valerie is also the 2010 recipient of Sloan’s President’s Special Award for Outstanding Achievement by An Individual in the Field of On-line learning

Linda Enghagen


Linda Enghagen
The Sloan Consortium is committed to upholding integrity in online education and supports the key tenants of the TEACH ACT. The Sloan Consortium maintains a partnership with Linda Enghagen, a leading expert in the field and a facilitator of several workshops on the topics of copyright compliance and the TEACH ACT.

Linda Enghagen is an attorney and Professor at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Her teaching career began in distance learning when she first taught Engineering Law & Ethics as part of the university’s Video Instructional Program in 1984. In 1990, she became the first woman to receive an Outstanding Instructor Award from National Technological University, which also offered her course. In 2002, she received a second Outstanding Teacher Award from the College of Food & Natural Resources at the University of Massachusetts.

Professor Enghagen teaches cyberlaw at both the graduate and undergraduate levels and developed a corporate training program entitled Information Technology and the Law: Software, the Internet and E-mail in conjunction with the PBS Business & Technology Network. Her scholarly contributions related to intellectual property are directed to the needs of faculty members. Her publications include two books, Technology and Higher Education: Approaching the 21st Century and Fair Use Guidelines for Educators, as well as numerous articles such as Fair Use in an Electronic World and Copyright Law and Fair Use—Why Ignorance Isn’t Bliss. She also developed a pamphlet entitled Educators, Technology and the Law: Common Questions/Direct Answers and a brochure entitled Legal Literacy in the Information Age—Ten (easy to understand) Rules of Thumb. In addition, she has been a guest commentator on a local NPR affiliate where she discussed copyright piracy in a piece entitled Napster Worries Me. She is also a copyright expert for the Sloan Consortium and regularly delivers lectures and workshops on copyright law as it relates to educational settings.