Mobile Learning Mastery Series

Mobility continues to become an integral aspect of higher education delivery and curation. The use of mobile devices for teaching and learning can be fun and engaging, while also presenting challenges for online educators. The Mobile Learning Mastery Series provides the knowledge and training that will enable you to master mobile learning designs, tools, teaching and learning methods, and assessment strategies that can improve learning and increase student satisfaction.

The Mobile Learning Mastery Series is a series of three workshops focusing on the research, teaching, and assessment of mobile learning environments. Throughout each of the workshops, you will explore relevant research and use that research to help you design an effective mobile learning course. In this program you will gain insight into where higher ed is in relation to mobile learning and the integration of smartphones and tablets in the learning environment.

Mastery Series Pre-requisite:  Online Teaching Experience or New to Online:  The Essentials Workshop (1 Week)

Successful completion of the series results in a Recognition of Mastery in Mobile Learning.


Next Class Dates

Fall Series Class
September 12 - November 14, 2014

Price - $599
(includes all 3 workshops; College Pass coupons may not be used on any Mastery Series programs))

What will this program provide for you?

  • Ideas, connections, templates, and experience designing and developing mobile learning deliverables. Additionally, you get expert feedback, ideas, and a relationship to assist you in developing mobile expertise in and beyond the workshop.
  • The ability to look at the research, resources, and make evidence-based decisions on why and how to implement mobile learning in your context.
  • Knowledge of how to effectively incorporate mobile technologies into your online, blended, or face-to-face class in a way that causes connections and learning. 

To learn more about the Mobile Mastery Series Program Featuring the Facilitator Scott Hamm review the Mobile Webinar Recording.


Workshop Descriptions

Note: Each workshop is one week long. Between each workshop there will be a three-week break to give you time to complete some self-guided research and reflect on your learning.


Mobile Learning I: Mobile Learning Research and Design
Research in mobile learning emphasizes important considerations for effective mobile learning designs, including tools, teaching and learning methods, and assessment strategies that can improve learning and increase student satisfaction. In this workshop, you will explore some of the key research in this area and begin to develop an effective mobile learning design plan for your course.


  • Analyze mobile learning research
  • Develop a mobile learning design plan


Mobile Learning II: Mobile Learning Teaching and Learning Strategies
Using mobile learning devices for teaching and learning can be fun and certainly offers plenty of options for interaction and engagement with learning; However, there are also challenges that need to be addressed. In this workshop, you will learn about the opportunities and challenges facing faculty and students in mobile environments as you begin to develop a teaching unit using mobile learning options.


  • Analyze teaching methods and learning activities for use in your mobile learning environment
  • Develop a teaching unit that includes mobile learning options


Mobile Learning III: Mobile Learning Assessment Techniques
Assessment in mobile learning environments is critical to student success, but it can present challenges. Submission and tracking of assignments, feedback, and other items all need to be considered and addressed. In this workshop, you will explore various considerations about assessment in a mobile learning environment and develop an assessment plan using strategies shown to be effective through research and practice.


  • Describe assessment considerations and strategies
  • Develop an assessment plan for your mobile learning activities



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