Using a Generalized Checklist to Improve Student Assignment Submission Times in an Online Course

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Volume 16, Issue 4 - June 2012
Terence Cavanaugh, University of North Florida
Marcia L. Lamkin, University of North Florida
Haihong (Helen) Hu, University of Central Arkansas
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checklist, assignments, submission time, strategy, organization

Online instruction, like all traditional instructional environments, requires learner self-control and proactive learning to construct knowledge and acquire skills. However, online students often fail to complete some components of their online work each week, damaging their overall academic progress in the course. To assist students in completion of all assigned elements and submission of work on time, three professors at a public southeastern university implemented the use of a generalized assignments checklist to enhance student self-monitoring in their online courses. Data on the submission of assignments was analyzed for relative timeliness. The results of this study showed a statistically significant difference between students receiving a generalized online learning checklist to the control group who did not receive a checklist. The experimental group showed a marked improvement of assignment submission timeliness, improving course satisfaction for students and instructors.