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Academic Integrity in Online Education

January 18 – 27, 2012

Academic Integrity in Online Education - ABSTRACT

This Practitioner Document is one of a series of documents produced by The Sloan Consortium based upon key insights from our workshops. Participants of these workshops discuss and share tips and techniques that work for them, plus experiences and issues based on the topic of each workshop. As a member of Sloan-C, you can benefit from this shared knowledge and learn from your colleagues who are faced with the same challenges for moving into online learning — effectively prepared..


  • Explore why and how students cheat
  • Review faculty beliefs regarding cheating and online education
  • Review tools and techniques to deter and detect cheating and plagiarism
  • Understand a three-pronged approach to addressing academic integrity: policing (catching and punishing cheaters, prevention (designing courses and assignments that discourage cheating), and virtue (creating learning communities in which students do not want to cheat)


  • Self-Plagiarism
  • Test Proctoring
  • "Virtual Approach"
  • Intentional vs. Unintentional Plagiarism
  • Face-to-Face vs. Online
  • Policing vs.Prevention
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Best Practices



Lori McNabb leads Student and Faculty Services for the University of Texas System where she is a project coordinator. She oversees enrollment services and learning resources, as well as faculty support. Lori speaks frequently on the topic of academic integrity in online courses. She serves on the Western Cooperative for Educational Technology (WCET) Working Group on Student Authentication, and her research on the beliefs of faculty members related to student cheating and ways in which to create ethical communities in online courses was published in the Journal of Online Teaching and Learning (JOLT). Lori earned a B.A. in Economics and an M.S. in Organizational Leadership and Ethics from St. Edwards University..

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