Sponsorship Opportunity - Accessibility Webinar Series

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Accessibility Webinar Series
(4 sessions)

The Sloan Consortium (Sloan-C) will host a series of Accessibility webinars beginning in January 2013 and running once per quarter through April 2013. The Sloan-C Accessibility Webinar Series 2013 includes four 90-minute webinars. The webinars focus on accessibility, including federal regulations, available resources, invisible disabilities, and effective practices for student and faculty success. Each webinar brings together a panel of administrative leaders, faculty, and students with accessibility expertise from across the United States who will provide individual and collective perspectives to working with students and faculty with disabilities in online education. See full session details here.

Webinar series dates:

January 15: Administrative Panel: Understanding the Law & Building Accessible Institutional Infrastructures 

February 12: Student & Alumni Panel: What Students with Disabilities Want Faculty & Administrators to Know

March 14: Faculty Panel: What Faculty with Disabilities Want Institutions to Know

April 23: Accessibility Specialists: Understanding “Invisible” Disabilities & What this Means for Online Education


These events are free and open to all and will be promoted to the Sloan-C community of more than 86,000 educators.

This webinar may have more than one sponsor and includes sponsor logo and short company description on:

  • The webinar series web pages for the duration of the program (starting immediately)
  • All marketing materials including promotional emails to more than 86,000 educators (at least two emails per webinar)
  • A sponsor slide in all four live and recorded sessions (at the start of each session)
  • Webinars and recordings will be marketed through the community as well as on social networks and on the Sloan-C website starting November 2012 and continuing through April 2013.




For more information on this webinar series and sponsorship, please email jfredrick@sloanconsortium.org