Why OLC?

OLC is the place to go for community, insight, inspiration, and professional resources. The real value of belonging to OLC is being part of a global community of e-Educators. OLC increasingly serves as a factor in the growth “industry” of e-Education through conferences, quality learning opportunities, and tools for individual and institutional success. Membership in OLC means belonging to a group of more than 399 colleges and institutions all dedicated toward advancing best practices in e-Education.

Specifically, membership in the organization provides institutions with faculty training, improvement of institutional ROI, leadership development, and access to subject matter experts (SMEs). Individuals can benefit from recognized leader affiliation, training by industry experts, networking with community and colleagues, access to scholarly information, and professional development.

Conferences and Other Quality Learning Opportunities

OLC Conferences serve as both face-to-face and real-time virtual events designed to bring like-minded educators together to network and learn from one another.

Emerging Technology Symposium
A conference devoted to the emerging and innovative uses of technology designed to improve teaching and learning online.

Blended Learning Workshop and Conference
A conference devoted to the purposeful, strategic and comprehensive approach to blended teaching and learning.

OLC International Conference on Online Learning
A conference devoted to one of the most talked about and fastest growing sectors in higher education and corporate training today.

Online Workshops
Over 100 workshops annually designed to meet your entire faculty and staff online teaching and learning needs. Each workshop is developed by practitioners for practitioners; enabling thousands of colleagues worldwide to collaborate cost effectively with peers and experts, via real-time and asynchronous meetings.

OLC Certificate Program
Consisting of a 9-week foundation course and three electives, this program prepares educators to teach and improve online courses using the OLC pillars of quality in online education—learning effectiveness, scale, faculty and student satisfaction, and access.

OLC Webinar Series
OLC Webinar Series provides educational webinars each month on key policy and research issues as well as topics including quality, accessibility, OER resources, leadership online, assessment, online tools and more.  Additionally, free informational webinars outline the benefits of the OLC Institute, Conferences and Membership. All webinars are offered at no cost to individual and institutional OLC members.

Institute for Emerging Leaders in Online Learning (IELOL)
IELOL serves as a unique blended-learning leadership development program sponsored by Penn State and OLC designed to serve the needs of professionals in the rapidly expanding field of online learning.

Tools for Your Success

Quality Scorecard for the Administration of Online Education Programs
An easy-to-use tool for online administrators to measure and quantify elements of quality within online education programs.

Advisory Services
Teams of professionals to help develop and assess your specific online programming needs.

Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks (JALN) 
JALN, OLC’s peer-reviewed professional journal, provides practitioners with knowledge about the very best research in online learning.