Fundamentals: Giving Effective Feedback (Self-Paced)

Track: Online Learners
Delivery Mode: Self-Paced Workshop

According to research, feedback on learning is a key factor for improving learning outcomes and student satisfaction. While giving effective feedback can help drive your students towards success in your course and help them to better understand the material, it can also take a lot of time. In this workshop, you will identify different feedback strategies along with effective methods for efficiently providing feedback to your students. Many of the practices explored in this workshop can also help increase student engagement and improve faculty satisfaction and workload management.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify effective student feedback strategies
  • Develop methods for efficiently providing effective student feedback in your courses


This online workshop is entirely self-paced and is not instructor facilitated. The estimated time for completion is 6-8 hours, but you will likely find yourself spending more time as you investigate some of the additional resources that are provided. You will have 365 day access which will begin on the first day you enroll. This workshop has been divided into five modules which consist of brief narrated presentations, additional resources to explore, practice with the content, and module assessments.

  • Module 1 – Providing Quality Feedback
  • Module 2 – Grading and Performance Rubrics
  • Module 3 – Feedback Challenges and Time Management Tips
  • Module 4 – Balanced and Learner Centered Feedback
  • Module 5 – Feedback Tools

Who should attend?

Faculty new to the online environment
Veteran online and blended faculty
Instructional designers

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