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Full Track Descriptions

Please review the following tracks and program categories listed below prior to submitting your proposal. 

  • Challenging Barriers to Innovation
  • Structural Innovation 
  • Workforce Innovation 
  • Pedagogical Innovation 
  • Propose Your Own

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Both research and evidence-based proposals are encouraged for submission.  Please align submission to the session type as shown on the session detail page.

Challenging Barriers to Innovation

What barriers have you faced while implementing innovation at your institution?  What solutions came from these barriers? Proposals for this track focus on problems inhibiting innovation in higher education – and present potential solutions for those problems! Presentations should encourage discussion and collaborative resolutions based on challenges.

Some potential topics could include:

  • Digital divide
  • Building a change model for higher education
  • OER, Open scholarship, open access
  • Developing new research models for blended/online/open learning
  • Challenges to disseminating evidence

Structural Innovation

Proposals for this track should focus on structural innovations required for a paradigm shift in higher education.

Some potential topics could include:

  • Open learning spaces
  • Crossing or collapsing disciplinary boundaries
  • Connections across systems (K-12, community colleges, higher education, and industry)
  • Connections between vendors and faculty
  • Dissolving divides across faculty/staff/students

Workforce Innovation

Are students prepared to enter the workforce? How can institutions and industry collaborate to prepare students?  Does the workforce recognize micro credentials? Badges? Proposals for this track should focus on collaboration between higher education and the workforce to increase skill development and knowledge application.

Some potential topics could include:

  • Competency based learning
  • Workforce learning and performance
  • Industry/higher education collaboration
  • Learning and performance innovations
  • Industry standards, curriculum alignment and professional affiliations

Pedagogical Innovation

Have you implemented an innovative pedagogical theory or practice into your teaching? Or perhaps you’ve conducted research in this field. Proposals for this track focus on innovative models of learning design, delivery, and assessment to include innovations in online, blended, and technology-enhanced courses and programs.

Some potential topics could include:

  • New course/program models
  • New approaches to teaching
  • Technological innovations
  • New assessment models

Propose Your Own Topic

This track is purposely not defined in order for you to propose topics, areas, and interests we might have missed in the other program tracks. Proposals for this track may answer: “What *is* innovation?” Be creative– your proposal may include, but is not limited to, critical views of innovation, intersections of learning and innovation, and considerations for those of you who want to think outside the box. We encourage practical examples, information sessions, hands-on experiences, that may include research or evidence-based proposals for this track.