OLC’s Effective Practice Awards recognize effective techniques, strategies and practices that are shared by members of the OLC community to advance quality and access to online programs. Two rounds of Effective Practices are awarded annually. The first round is awarded in the spring at the OLC Innovate conference.

The second round of 2017 Effective Practice Awards were presented at OLC Accelerate 2017, November 16, 2017 in Orlando, FL:

  • “Improving the Online Testing Accommodation Process with Quiz Extensions” – John Rabile and Matthew Emond, University of Central Florida
  • “3-D Virtual Reality Microscope” – Shannon Riggs, Oregon State University Ecampus
  • “Facilitating Student Success via Emergency Accessibility” – Christine Paige, Nathan Whitley-Grassi, Alena Rodick, Jennifer Nettleton, Shaun Hoppel, Allison Moreland, Antonia Jokelova, Andrea Piazza-Victor, SUNY Empire State College
  • “Affordability Counts” – Gus Roque, David-John Palmer, Florida International University
  • Designing Personalized Online Teaching Professional Development through Self-Assessment” – Jason Rhode, Stephanie Richter, Tracy Miller, Northern Illinois University
  • “Learner Supports When and Where They Are Needed” – Mindy Sloan, Bridgepoint Education – Ashford University
  • “Using Digital Badges as a Framework to Support and Scale an Online Teaching and Learning Community” – Alexandra Pickett, Open SUNY Center for Online Teaching Excellence
  • “Academic Advising Group Advising Sessions” – Dawn Coder, Katie Gaines, Kate Elias, Andrea Woerman, Jeff Hill, Stephanie Vlajic, The Pennsylvania State University, World Campus
  • “Student Success Center: Supporting Graduate Students in an Online Learning Community” – Brian C. Wilson, Christine Yao, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The recipients of OLC’s first round of 2017 Effective Practice Awards were recognized at OLC Innovate 2017, April 6, 2017, in New Orleans:

  • Diane Reddy, Dylan J. Barth and Raymond Fleming, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, for “Increasing Online Learning Success Using a Learning Analytics Tool with Messaging about How to Study Productively”
  • Joseph Rene Corbeil and Maria Elena Corbeil, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, for “Digital Badges: Motivating Learners to Excel While Adding Professional Value to Their College Degrees”
  • Marlene Preston and Brandi Quesenberry, Virginia Tech, for “Innovation in Virtual Public Speaking: Applications Across Disciplines”
  • Colleen Carmean and Jill Frankfort, University of Washington-Tacoma, for “Nudging Students to Success”
  • Martin Mehl and Luanne Foss, Cal Poly, for “Digital Mentorship Competency”
  • Anne-Marie Balzano, Ying-Ying Kuo and Scott Bauer, George Mason University, for “Establishing a Learning Community: The Educational Leadership (EDLE) Online Orientation Program”
  • Laura Lynn and Rebecca Jobe, Walden University, for “The Doctoral Orientation to the Capstone (DOC): A Virtual Experience for First Year Online Doctoral Students”
  • Linda Algozzini, Grady Batchelor, Shannon Voyles, Kim Bessolo and Valencia Gabay, American Public University System, for “Applying a Group Coaching and Mentoring Framework to Shift an Organization Culture”
  • Jackie O’Flaherty, University of South Australia, for “Improving Learning, Engagement and Retention of Nursing Students Studying Fully Online, Using a Virtual Classroom Peer Coaching System”
  • Sara Ombres, Angie Atwell, Cristina Cottom and Lisa Martino, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, for “Creating a Virtual Community of Practice for Online Adjunct Faculty”

2017 Effective Practice Award Press Release.

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