Through the OLC Effective Practices program, the OLC community shares techniques, strategies and practices that have worked effectively in their institution or program. Effective practices are peer-reviewed and evaluated against OLC’s five pillars of quality in digital education: access, learning effectiveness, faculty satisfaction, student satisfaction and scalability. Two rounds of Effective Practices are awarded annually. The first round was awarded in March at the OLC Innovate conference and the second round was presented at OLC Accelerate in October.

The recipients of OLC’s first round of 2021 Effective Practice Awards were recognized at OLC Innovate 2021, March 15- March 19, 2021:

  • “Re-imagining How Online Discussion Forums Can Connect With Students,” by Dr. Sean Nufer, TCS Education, and Dr. Veronica Estrada, Pacific Oaks College for the School of Human Development
  • “RISE: Reframing Instruction or Success Everywhere,” by Erin Blauvelt and Loretta Driskel, Clarkson University

The recipients of OLC’s second round of 2021 Effective Practice Awards were presented at OLC Accelerate 2021, October 5 – 8, 2021 in Washington, DC

Recipients of the OLC’s second round of 2021 Effective Practice Awards included:

  • “Planning Instructional Variety for Online Learning (PIVOT),” by Dr. Mariann Hawken and the Instructional Technology team, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
  • “Interactive Teaching Design (ITD): A Proven Faculty Enrichment Program for Online Teaching,” by Linda Merillat, School of Nursing at Washburn University
  • “MA in Educational Technology (MAET) Blog Series and Mini-MOOC on Remote Teaching,” by Dr. Liz Owens-Boltz, Brittany Dillman, and Candace Robertson, Michigan State University

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