OLC Effective Practice Awards

Quality in Online Education

These awards recognize successful efforts that help make quality online education accessible and affordable for anyone, anywhere, at any time, and provide an opportunity for recipients to share effective techniques, strategies, and practices in online education.

Effective Practice Award recipients for OLC Innovate 2022 will be recognized at the virtual conference and at OLC Innovate in-person at the Gaylord Texan in Dallas. Effective practices also will be highlighted throughout the year.

Nominations and Submissions

The Effective Practice Awards are evaluated on five primary criteria:

  • Learning Effectiveness: The practice demonstrates effectiveness in producing learning outcomes, which are consistent with learner needs and representative of the distinctive quality of the institution.
  • Scale: The practice offers the best possible educational value to learners and supports achieving capacity enrollment.
  • Access: The practice has improved access to education by expanding opportunities and/or reducing barriers.
  • Faculty Satisfaction: The practice has maintained a high level of faculty satisfaction.
  • Student Satisfaction: Learners who are impacted by the practice express satisfaction with their learning experience.

Innovate 2022 OLC Effective Practice Award Winners

  • NOVA Online, Northern Virginia Community College, “Jumpstarting Students’ Online College Experience.” Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) partnered with local public high schools to schedule cohorts of tuition-free online classes available to approximately 70,000 qualified Northern Virginia high school students. This opportunity (named Early Online College) targets high school juniors and seniors to jumpstart their higher education experience and earn college credit by attending up to two online courses per semester in addition to their high school courses.

  • Oregon State University Ecampus and Department of Chemistry, Oregon State University Ecampus, “OSU Virtual Chemistry Lab Platform.”  OSU Ecampus multimedia team and the Chemistry Department developed an in-house virtual chemistry interactive lab platform and 28 labs. In just the last year, 1,416 students (unduplicated headcount) have taken 10,481 credit hours in chemistry courses using this lab platform. These students are mostly degree-seeking undergraduates in fully online programs, but a significant number are non-degree-seeking students who transfer these credits to other institutions that do not offer chemistry online or are post-baccalaureate students.

  • Dr. Carolyn Stevenson and Dr. Michele Riley, Purdue University Global, “The Alternative Credit Center at Purdue Global: Open Degree Programs, Portfolios, and Assessment.”  The Purdue Global Alternative Credit Center provides opportunities for both degree-seeking and nondegree-seeking students. It accepts eligible credits through portfolio development, open learning courses, course assessments, and work/life experience. Purdue University Global offers free online services and personalized mentoring to help learners identify and organize prior work and life experience and skills that could count toward a degree or career growth.

  • E-Learning Deanship, King Khiled University, “Electronic Laboratory Platform E-Lab.” The Deanship of E-Learning (ELD) at KKU developed E-Lab, which is an open platform, with the primary goal of explaining scientific concepts in a simplified, enjoyable form. The platform provided students access to equal learning opportunities by delivering learning resources electronically to access at anytime from anywhere. The platform helped KKU deal with urgent circumstances potentially preventing students from reaching the physical laboratories (such as the COVID-19 crisis).

Innovate 2022 OLC Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Scholarship Winner

Dr. Kim Grewe is an instructional designer, professor, and OER lead at Northern Virginia Community College’s distance learning center, NOVA Online; a curriculum developer and online course facilitator for the Online Learning Consortium; a program developer for the Regional Leaders of Open Education (RLOE) network; and a curriculum developer and online course facilitator for Open for Antiracism [a project led by the Community College Consortium for OER (CCCOER) and College of the Canyons].  Regarding her most recent work in authentic assessment, one nominator shares, “. . . [Dr. Grewe] has worked to expand access and equity across the Commonwealth by looking for opportunities to evaluate learning by challenging historically acceptable approaches to assessment. Dr. Grewe has collaborated to create a robust campaign to engage thought leaders across Virginia in designing bias-free, culturally responsive, authentic assessments.”

Previous OLC Effective Practice Award Winners

See a list of past years’ Effective Practice Award winners, and the following video from our 2020 fully virtual OLC Accelerate Awards Gala.