Resources for Educators and Administrators Moving Online

In light of the current situation regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), OLC has received numerous requests from institutions in the US and abroad on how they might create emergency preparedness plans in the event of a temporary campus shutdown. Prominent in these requests has been a need for professional development and instructional design support in order to quickly move face-to-face classes online. Those who have felt the impact of a campus shutdown due to natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, fires or floods may already have some plans in place. For others, an emergency may force institutions to expand already existing online offerings. And for some, the move to online may be a completely new endeavor.

As a means of assisting our community with the task of preparing for a quick shift to online, we’ve been compiling a list of helpful tools and resources to consider. This is not an all-encompassing collection but is meant to help organizations and institutions start this critical planning phase. 

Additionally, OLC is responding to changes as they occur to provide you with timely resources that help with your immediate needs as you transition to online. We will continue to update our website with more information as it becomes available, so check back regularly and share this page with your colleagues. 


Resources for K-12 Educators

K-12 Educator Resources


Academic Continuity Padlet

We encourage those of you who have been through similar circumstances to share your ideas and recommendations in the Academic Continuity Padlet below.

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