OLC’s DLIAward Judges & Reviewers

We thank our exemplar judges and reviewers for their support of the OLC Digital Learning Innovation Awards. They reviewed They reviewed over 106 submissions, culminating in 5 faculty led teams and 3 Institutions who will receive the 2016 Digital Learning Innovation Award.

Click here for how the review process was conducted.

This 2016 Digital Learning Innovation Awards were scored by two tiers of of reviewers.

The DLIAward Advisory Committee and the Digital Courseware Partners selected ten reviewers from the field to create a representative group of scorers for the first round of scoring. The review team was comprised of seven leaders who work at an institutional level and whose role represented a diversity of responsibilities and institution types within the team. Three other scorers were selected to represent other voices in the higher education landscape directly related to work with digital courseware.

A second scoring panel of judges were comprised of five prominent leaders in the field, selected by OLC’s Chief Executive Officer, Kathleen Ives and Karen Pedersen, OLC’s Chief Innovation Officer.

Each group of scorers worked through a norming session during which each scored sample sections of submissions and compared scores. This was followed by a discussion to insure fidelity between the review team and the judge panel.

Judges Panel (Click on name for bio)

Larry Goldberg
Robbie Melton
Dr. Robbie Melton
Javier _Miyares
Dr. Javier Miyares
Dr. Cathy Sandeen
Wayne Smutz
Dr. Wayne Smutz

Review Panel (Click on name for bio)

Ray Batra
Nicky Bray
Nicky Bray
Sharon Goodall
Sharon Goodall
Phil Hill
Michael Goudwaard
Michael Goudzwaard
Jeff King
Judy Komar
Judy Komar
Vanessa Peters
Nick White
Emma ZoneEmma Zone