Congratulations! You’ve been recognized as a digital learning innovator!

This sets your institution apart, and your peers, campus and local community should know about it. We’ve put together some tips and guidelines to help you share the great news with your communities. 




  • Email faculty and staff at your institution to announce your DLIAward
  • Include news of your DLIAward in faculty and campus newsletters
  • Share the news during meetings
  • Update employee email signatures to highlight your DLIAward
  • Post messages about your DLIAward on your institution’s social channels – we’ve created some suggested posts to get you started
  • Ask your community to share the news with social media
  • Publish a post on your institution’s blog
  • Tag your posts with #DLIAward
  • Highlight your award and place the official DLIAwardee logo throughout your website on your organization’s news, page, careers page, about us page to highlight your DLIAward
  • Use the DLIAward template press release to broadcast your news
  • Alert bloggers and media that follow your organization
  • Update your Wikipedia page
  • Update your job listings
  • Update recruiting brochures and other collateral


Social Posts
Sample social posts have been created for your use. 

DLIAwardee Badge
Download this DLI Awardee Badge to post on your website and social networks.

Press Release Template
Use this press release template to create your own release! Simply edit with your information to share with the news media.

Promotion Guidelines

Please adhere to the following guidelines when promoting your Digital Learning Innovation Award.

  • Awardees should not begin promoting their awards until after 3 pm Eastern on Thursday, Nov. 17, following the awards presentation at the OLC Accelerate conference and following OLC’s official public announcement Press Release of the award recipients.
  • Material changes to any of the promotional communications provided for DLIAwardees by the Online Learning Consortium should be routed through OLC’s communications team for approval. Email materials to Allow five business days for OLC to review your requests.
  • Media requests regarding the OLC, the DLIAwards should be referred to
  • Awardees may not use the name of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in promoting their DLIAwards, except for the approved mention in the “About the DLIAWard” boilerplate paragraph in the template press release.