The 2018 Award Winners

Faculty-Led Team Recognition 

The following faculty-led team was awarded $10,000 for its innovative and creative program, dedicated to accelerating the adoption of digital courseware for general education or gateway courses. 

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Bossier Parish Community College

Engaging and Retaining Underprepared, Under-resourced Learners through an OER Mobile-responsive, Gamified Delivery Platform Designed to Leverage Features of Deep Game Structure, Online Retail, Social Media, and Cognitive Applications for Learning


Allison Haughton Martin serves as Director of Institutional Effectiveness Initiatives at Bossier Parish Community College (BPCC), where she oversees special projects and directs professional development. While still a faculty member, Martin spearheaded the design and implementation of BPCC’s award-winning OER course series, BPCC Open Campus™, which now serves students from all 50 states and 208 countries and territories worldwide.

Martin taught English and Humanities courses for sixteen years, earning the rank of professor before moving into administration. Martin’s post-graduate studies at University of Leicester focused upon computer-mediated communication, and her graduate work at Louisiana State University-Shreveport involved game/play theory applications in literature. She often speaks on the topic of deep-structure gaming applications for learning and mobile-responsive learning design.

In 2015, the U.S. Dept. of Education awarded BPCC a $1.8M grant to mobilize and gamify Martin’s learning model. Martin’s Gamification and the Science of Failure topic was among the first selected for AACC’s inaugural podcast series “Community College Voice.” Her projects have been featured in League for Innovation’s Learning Abstracts, Community College Daily, University Business, Inside Higher Ed, Community College Spotlight, and Academic Advising Today.

2018 DLIAward Winner - Bossier Parish Community College
2018 DLIAward Winner – Bossier Parish Community College

Institutional Overview:

The mission of Bossier Parish Community College (BPCC) is to promote attainment of educational goals within the community and strengthen the regional economy, accomplished through the innovative delivery of quality courses and programs that provide sound academic education, broad vocational and career training, continuing education, and varied community services. BPCC recently celebrated its 50th year serving the tri-state region of North Louisiana, East Texas and Southwest Arkansas.

BPCC is internationally known for its OER Open Campus™ series of courses used for placement preparation and supplemental instruction, serving students in 208 countries/territories worldwide and recognized as a best-practice model by academic organizations including AACC, University Business, and Community College Futures Assembly.

Over the last decade, the College successfully managed three multi-million dollar US DoL TAACCCT grants and one US DoE “First in the World” grant. Its cyber and allied health programs have been rated among the best in the nation.

Project Description:

What lessons can mobile-friendly retail and gaming sites teach higher ed about building persistence? BPCC’s developmental OER courses, built upon metacognitive principles, online engagement, and deep-game structure, help power at-risk students toward completion. To build equitable academic support for its underprepared learners, BPCC created Open Campus™, its free OER supplemental instruction and placement testing preparation portal.

Introduced in 2013, the portal design teaches students how to mentally shift learned content from short-term into long-term memory. 2017 Cluster Randomized Control Trials involving almost 1,000 students across 34 sections of three developmental English and math courses charted a 6% increase in pass rates.


In spring 2017, synchronous, Randomized Control Trials (RCT) were conducted to beta-test the College’s mobile-responsive design. The project’s external evaluator, Dr. Matt Giani, designed the 15-week trials to meet or exceed “What Works Clearinghouse” standards. RCTs were implemented in Beginning Algebra I (Math 098), Beginning Algebra II (Math 099) and Developmental Writing (English 099) in 34 class sections and involved 980 students both at BPCC and Northwestern State University of Louisiana.

Dr. Giani reported that use and access of the courseware significantly improved students’ outcomes for successful completion across all three courses (49). Dr. Giani reports, across the three courses, “students in the treatment group were roughly six percentage points more likely to have passed the course compared to students in the control group (61.6% vs. 55.7%).The treatment group also outperformed the control group in each of the three course numbers. The largest difference was in Math 99, where students in the treatment group were 8.9% more likely to have passed the course compared to the control group. The smallest difference was in Math 98, where treatment students were 4.3% more likely to have passed. For Engl 99, treatment students were 6.2% more likely to have passed the course” (Giani, 49).