Excellence in Faculty Development for Online Teaching

Nominations are currently closed. 

This award recognizes an institution that has developed and delivered an outstanding, comprehensive program for faculty professional development in online teaching. The ideal recipient of this award would be an on-going institution-wide program that has had a positive impact on a significant number of faculty having a range of experience with online course development and delivery, leading to these faculty teaching large numbers of high-quality online courses while maintaining a high degree of faculty satisfaction. This award consists of a commemorative plaque.

Award Criteria

Effectiveness: The program has led to faculty developing and teaching large numbers of high-quality online courses.

Scope of Impact: The program has been implemented institution-wide or within a significantly large segment of the institution.

Faculty Satisfaction: The program activities have maintained a high level of faculty satisfaction.

Supporting Letters: The supporting letters address the quality and effectiveness of the on-going faculty development program. 

Required Award Documentation

  • A detailed description of the comprehensive faculty development program that summarizes the on-going program structure and provides evidence of how the program meets the award criteria.
  • A URL and necessary passwords to access the program’s website and sample courses or screenshots of different areas of the program’s website as well as screenshots of exemplary activities. 
  • Faculty satisfaction survey results or other measure(s) showing a high degree of faculty satisfaction.
  • Two completed external evaluation forms; one from a faculty member and one from a senior administrator.

For additional information, please contact:

Devon Cancilla
Chief Knowledge Officer
Online Learning Consortium
Email: devon.cancilla@onlinelearning-c.org