Gomory-Mayadas Leadership Award in Online Education

Nominations are currently closed. 

The Gomory-Mayadas Leadership Award in Online Education honors outstanding individuals who exemplify the leadership and ideals of Ralph Gomory and A. Frank Mayadas, two of the original founders of the Online Learning Consortium. When the Consortium was initiated in 1992, an important dimension was that online learning had the ability to impact all; it would span disciplines, and serve different types of people and different types of institutions. The spirit of the foundations of the organization continue through this award in that online leadership should move online learning across a dimension to serve everyone and be scalable. This award may be presented annually to an individual who exemplifies transformative leadership in the online education community. Leadership may be demonstrated in any of several ways, including mobilizing online programs of quality, scale and breadth at the institutional, system or state level, implementing innovations that improve online learning methodologies, integrating online learning into the mainstream of higher education, or using online learning strategies to improve access to higher education.  OLC will make a contribution in the amount of $2,000 to a scholarship fund of the recipient’s choice. Additionally, the award recipient will receive a commemorative plaque and be invited to present a talk at the OLC Annual Conference on a subject of his/her choice, reflecting their area of professional expertise and interest.

Award Criteria
Leadership in Online Education: The nominee’s leadership activities have had a significant positive impact on online learning within the higher education community.

Transformative Leadership: The nominee’s leadership has been “transformative”, either within his/her educational institution or within the broader online education community, and has clearly make his or her institution, system, or state into a demonstrably better organization.?

Unique Leadership Qualities: The nominee’s leadership qualities makes this individual stand out from other leaders in important areas, such as visionary outlook, integrity and honesty, communication skills, assembling a good team and then motivating them, and sustaining this leadership over time.

Supporting Letters: The supporting letters address the qualifications of the nominee as an outstanding leader.

Required Award Documentation

  • An overall summary of the nominee’s leadership activities in higher education, highlighting how the nominee’s work has had a significant impact on online learning within the higher education community.
  • A detailed description of the how the nominee has demonstrated sustained leadership that has been transformative, either within his/her educational institution or within the broader online education community.
  • A proposed award citation (25-word limit).
  • Three letters of support, including letters from at least one faculty member and one administrator.

For additional information, please contact:

Devon Cancilla
Chief Knowledge Officer
Online Learning Consortium
Email: devon.cancilla@onlinelearning-c.org