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March 10, 2016 at University of Central Florida, Classroom Building 1

OLC went to Orlando to meet with online learning professionals, educators and administrators to address the opportunities and challenges we all face in online higher education today. 

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Join us to discuss emerging trends and challenges in online learning.

Join your fellow online learning professionals, educators and administrators to hear from the experts and collaborate on solving the challenges we all face in online higher education today. You’ll get the chance to hear from regional experts regarding current and emerging trends in online learning, collaborate and network with your regional peers during group discussions on top-of-mind challenges that may impact the future of online learning – and your career.  

Why is Linda Futch so excited to be attending OLC Collaborate in Orlando? As the program chair representing Academic Sponsor University of Central Florida, we asked her to share with us what participants can expect from this event. This is what she told us:

1. Identify blended learning options and how they fit at your institution,

2. Learn about the current learning analytics landscape and how can it help your institution, and

3. Discover what is working with competency-based education in Florida and where we go from here.

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Engaging speakers, relevant topics, and dynamic discussions

We will take a deep look at the challenges and impact of online learning in higher education today and work together to collaborate, define and help shape the changing university.

Presentations will be followed by facilitator-led discussions that will allow participants to delve into each topic in greater detail.

Breakout Topics:
  • What is the difference between where you want to be and where you are now with blended learning? (Future – Present = Opportunity ). How does (or could) blended learning help fulfill your institution’s value proposition? (Can it help you be a better liberal arts school? Can it help you better serve adult learners? etc.)
  • What challenging relationships have you found between the institutional logistics of blended implementation and the design of blended courses? (How are you addressing these?)
Kelvin Thompson

Blended Learning: Making Sense of All the Options

Dr. Kelvin Thompson

Associate Director, Center for Distributed Learning
University of Central Florida

Part of the appeal of blended learning is the range of implementation options available both at the institutional and individual (faculty/designer) levels. With such options comes difficulty in finding a clear and replicable path forward. In this session an organizing framework will be presented that will allow participants to identify their current practices and desired individual/institutional outcomes. Takeaways will include guiding principles associated with each classification of blended implementation.

Breakout Topics:
  • What are the most important, pressing questions that instructors have about courses they teach? When thinking as a student, how are the questions different?
  • What are the most promising and most challenging aspects of using data for personalized learning?
Linda Feng
Jared Stein

Learning Through Questioning: How to Ask Questions of our Data and Gain Transformative Insights

Linda Feng

Senior Product Manager, SIS Integration and Analytics

Jared Stein

Vice President, Research and Education

“The scientist is not a person who gives the right answers, he’s one who asks the right questions.”
― Claude Lévi-Strauss
Institutions today need data to gain insight in a variety of areas such as Accreditation, Improvements in Course Design, Assessing Student and Teacher engagement, typically for the end goal of enabling the right level of student intervention to improve retention. Questions range from “What departments, courses or teachers are fully adopting the LMS tool” to “What learning objects are actually used by students” and “how much time do successful students spend on the course?” Many solutions exist today, yet questions exist: when is the right time to surface an alert about a student who might be at risk? What factors should be used when evaluating a student’s engagement and performance? Once we see the patterns of learning activity for students on a course, useful insights will emerge that can help teachers know when to intervene with a student, as well as finding a personalized fit between a course and a particular student’s learning style.
We will review the current learning analytics landscape, and present recent developments in technology solutions using learning data in different ways.


Breakout Topics:
  • How can we support student success in Competency-Based Education?
  • How do we connect the dots of Competency-Based Educational programs to typical workflow on campuses?
Pam Northrup

Complete Florida and Competency-Based Education

Pam Northrup

CEO Innovation Institute and
Senior Associate Provost
University of West Florida

Complete Florida was funded by the Florida legislature as a model to support adults with some college and no degree through a collaborative Florida partnership of institutions. The model directly supports instructional delivery through accelerated, self-paced and coached instructional methods with students given the opportunity to prove what they already know and accelerate more quickly to completion. Florida-based institutional partners have implemented multiple approaches to achieve student completion with pockets of excellence existing around course design, program implementation and federal and accreditation requirements. Many questions remain unanswered when building for scale to share across a state system. This session will highlight ‘what works’ with competency-based education to highlight model institutions and systems and a deep dive into “what next” when planning for implementation to scale.

Linda Futch
Karen Pedersen

A Regional Response:  Culmination of the Day’s Thinking and Invitation to Continue the Collaboration

Linda Futch, Ed.D.

Department Head, Center for Distributed Learning
University of Central Florida

Karen Pedersen, Ph.D.

Chief Knowledge Officer

Significant changes are coming to higher education. From balancing the need for educational innovation against regulatory realities, to using data driven approaches to better understand and manage change, to a new model of the university built around competency-based assessments, these are just a few of the factors driving change.  The day’s final session brings together the thoughts and conclusions generated from the OLC Collaborate – Orlando discussions to formulate a regional response to the changing educational environment.  Topics gathered by OLC facilitators and session archivists during breakout sessions along with those posted online by participants during the day will be used to guide this interactive final session. Led by Linda Futch of UCF and Karen Pedersen from the OLC, each of the day’s keynote speakers will have the opportunity to address the collectively generated questions and topics and place them in the context of the broader changes occurring in higher education.  The OLC Collaborate – Orlando response will become the second contribution to a national discussion as the OLC Collaborate sessions continue across the country. 


The Changing University: A Regional Discussion Extraordinary Change Is Coming

What will teaching, learning, and working in the Digital Age of Higher Education actually be like in 2026?  How much should today’s faculty and administrators do to prepare for this future? There is no question that extraordinary change is coming.  The question is, how much of that change is within our powers of prediction, and how should we proactively prepare for the future?

Participate in the regional OLC Collaborate discussion on the “Changing University” and share in an open dialogue with other colleagues from around the region.

Keynote speakers will offer insightful views of the changing university through short, focused presentations. This will bring together how the use of technologies, the dictate of economic realities, increasing regulatory oversight, the need for constant innovation, and new societal expectations of what colleges can and should be are bringing change to higher education.

Presentations will be followed by facilitator-led discussions to allow participants to delve into each topic in greater detail.  OLC Collaborate session archivists will document the discussions throughout the day, culminating in a collaborate regional response to the changing university. 

What will teaching, learning, and working in the Digital Age of Higher Education actually be like in 2025?

What will teaching, learning, and working in the Digital Age of Higher Education actually be like in 2025?

What will teaching, learning, and working in the Digital Age of Higher Education actually be like in 2025?




1st Floor Foyer
Room 104
GENERAL SESSION:  Blended Learning: Making Sense of All the Options
Dr. Kelvin Thompson, Associate Director, Center for Distributed Learning, University of Central Florida
Room 104

Rooms 308, 309
GENERAL SESSION: Learning Analytics
Linda Feng, Senior Product Manager, SIS Integration and Analytics, Instructure
Jared Stein, Vice President, Research and Education, Instructure
Room 104

Rooms 308, 309
LUNCH, TECHNOLOGY SHOWCASE, AND COLLABORATE PANEL IDEAS: Everyone provide suggested topics for final panel
UCF Student Union, Key West Ballroom 218, ABCD
GENERAL SESSION: Competency Based Education
Dr. Pam Northrup, Senior Associate Provost and
Chief Executive Officer, Innovation Institute,
University of West Florida
Room 104

Rooms 308, 309
OLC COLLABORATE PANEL: Education in 2026
A regional response: Culmination of the day’s thinking and invitation to continue the collaboration – An open forum on topics predetermined by attendees during lunch

Linda Futch, Department Head, Center for Distributed Learning, University of Central Florida
Karen Pedersen, Chief Knowledge Officer, Online Learning Consortium
Dr. Kelvin Thompson, Linda Feng, Dr. Pam Northrup
Room 104
Room 104

General Sessions are 30 minutes long, followed by a 45 minute Breakout Session.  

Attendees will select one of four Breakout Sessions to attend following each general session.

All sessions are considered BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). There are 15 minute breaks between concurrent sessions.

All sessions are in the UCF- Classroom Building 1. All Sessions are in Eastern Time (ET).

Joining us for the day?  Come directly to UCF – Classroom Building 1.

University of Central Florida, 4000 Central Florida Blvd., Orlando, FL 32816

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