Do you have experience implementing the OLC Quality Scorecard at your institution? 

Consider becoming an OLC Quality Scorecard Peer Reviewer.

OLC will be offering our first training peer reviewer training session as a pre-conference workshop at the OLC Accelerate Conference in Orlando, FL on Nov. 16.

Attendees that successfully complete this workshop and have prior experience implementing the OLC Quality Scorecard, preference given to those that have also been through a OLC Quality Scorecard Review Assessment (QSRA), will be given the opportunity at the conclusion of the workshop to apply to become an Official OLC Quality Scorecard Peer Reviewer.  OLC Official Peer Reviewers are eligible to be third-party reviewers on future QSRAs as assigned by the OLC (as the need arises).  The application process is selective and participation in the workshop does not guarantee selection as a peer reviewer. 

This workshop may also be of interest to those planning to implement the OLC Quality Scorecard, or have a QSRA conducted at their institution, to learn more about the process.


What are the qualifications to be considered as a Peer Reviewer?

Peer reviewers must have experience implementing the OLC Quality Scorecard at their current or former institution. Preference is given to those that have also been through a Quality Scorecard Review Assessment (QSRA).

Will other peer reviewer training opportunities be offered in the future?

OLC will continue to offer training opportunities, depending on need, for peer reviewers. We also anticipate offering this training as an online workshop through our Institute in the future.

How will I know if I am selected as a Peer Reviewer following the training?

All that participate in the Peer Reviewer training and complete the application to become a peer reviewer will receive official notification from OLC regarding their status.

How do I get offered peer reviewer assignments?

Peer reviewers are assigned through OLC Consulting Services when a QSRA has been requested.

How many peer reviews can I expect to do in a year?

This will vary depending on demand for QSRA’s. If an assignment is offered to you and you are not able to participate at the time, you can let us know.

If I complete this training does this mean I am qualified to conduct independent peer reviews for institutions on my own?

No. All Official peer reviews are conducted by the OLC and must go through OLC Consulting Services. Peer reviews conducted outside of these channels are not official and will not qualify for an OLC endorsement.

Will Peer Reviewer training be offered for other OLC scorecards?

As OLC provides additional scorecards to support quality in digital learning, peer reviewer training will be offered as demand requires.