Creating a New Culture to Support Combating Academic Dishonesty

Concurrent Session 4

Session Materials

Brief Abstract

After this session, participants should be able:

  1. To develop a full institutional program aimed at combating academic dishonesty;
  2. To engage and unite faculty, students, and staff to combat academic dishonesty.

The development of technology makes it easier for information and data to be viewed, acquired, stored, and purchased, which made cheating much more tempting and acceptable to some extent. It is still critical to form a climate of academic integrity despite of the convenience of cheating that advanced technology brought. In fact, advanced technology made it easier not only to cheat but also to detect, and more difficult to combat.

To combat academic dishonesty by each individual faculty could be time consuming and fruitless efforts. It is important to unite all faculty on forming a climate of academic integrity and combating academic dishonesty.

We will address reasons of academic dishonesty, steps to take, as well as suggestions that help with preventing students from cheating. Specifically internal and external reasons that make students prefer to cheat, forms of academic dishonesty, actions to take to prevent students from cheating, steps to take after a cheating occurs, as well as helpful tools and tips for faculty on combating academic dishonesty.

This education session will discuss and help administrators and faculty comprehensively understand how advanced technology helps with academic dishonesty, steps to take on academic dishonesty, how to unite all faculty on combating academic dishonesty, as well as how to fight against academic dishonesty.

We will engage audience through participation in the following discussions:

  • What form(s) of academic dishonesty do you experience at your institution?
  • What have you done to prevent cheating?
  • How well are your procedures working?
  • How would you engage students and faculty in reporting incidents of academic dishonesty?
  • How would you assure zero tolerance on academic dishonesty?

Come to our session and share the challenges you face in academic dishonesty at your institution, as well as learn from others.