eTUBE – Continuing Professional Development Programme for Online Teaching

Concurrent Session 2

Session Materials

Brief Abstract

How do I transfer my classroom teaching into an online environment? What skills do I need? How can I engage my students? Teachers need support before taking the step into the world of online teaching.  A combination of pedagogical and technical skills provides a working model for professional development programme.


Marjo Joshi, MA, works as a Lecturer of English Language and Communication and Intercultural Communication at Turku University of Applied Sciences (TUAS), with extensive teaching experience to degree programme students and corporate clients at local and international level since 2005. She specializes in online education and, as part of TUAS Future Learning Design Team, she develops online education at institutional level. In addition, she trains teachers in online teaching skills and online course design. She is a certified Eurolta-Eurovolt Master Trainer for Online Teaching, and holds a Business Cultural Trainer’s Certification. She has been involved in several national and international projects related to languages, communication, cultures and online education. Previously she worked as an Assessment Leader at Edexcel Pearson, UK.

Extended Abstract

Institutions are moving from traditional classrooms to online environments. In doing so, they expect teachers and students to adapt to new situations, new methods and new tools at a fast pace. There tends to be a wide selection of courses available for technical skills but often the pedagogical skills are neglected. Technical and pedagogical skills should go hand in hand, and teachers need support in adopting the new skills.

eTUBE is a Continuing Professional Development Programme that gives pedagogical and technical tools for online teaching. One key aim is to change the mindsets and make people see the amazing opportunities that online teaching can offer. The programme offers practical tips, examples and models for teaching so that the choice of methods and tools support the learning objectives in the new environments.

This successful programme consists of seven modules that take participants through a step-by-step process for developing an online implementation. It follows the principles of innovation pedagogy and gives the participants a chance to create an online course that has been developed in collaboration with colleagues and experts, and is ready to be implemented!

Session outcomes: Participants will get an overview of a training programme that combines pedagogical and technical skills. They will learn about innovation pedagogy and gain an understanding of how such approach can be used in continuing education. They will gain practical examples of developing online teaching skills of teaching staff.

Session materials: Participants will be given a handout of the eTUBE Continuing Professional Development Programme contents, methods and objectives