Marketing Intake: Working through the Process

Concurrent Session 6

Brief Abstract

This session will focus how to partner with colleges to develop innovative new non-traditional programs. We will walk through the program development process and discuss how to launch a successful program, then move on to discuss best practices for marketing and recruiting students into new programs. 


Stephanie Harff is a veteran higher ed marketer with more than 20 years experience in building teams, developing efficient processes, and implementing sophisticated technology infrastructure designed to aid university leaders in making data-driven decisions and achieving specific, measurable goals. As Senior Director of Marketing and Recruitment for Innovative Education at the University of South Florida, Stephanie leads the marketing and recruitment team in generating and closing leads for select high-impact programs.

Extended Abstract

This session will focus on building a solid intake process to support colleges in developing innovative, non-traditional programs. We look at each piece of the process and highlight the services offered in developing, marketing, and implementing quality programs. We’ll also walk through the steps your team and the colleges will need to follow to be successful.

Topics will include:
• Starting off with services such as program development, market analysis and financial modeling
• Building and maintaining the programs throughout digital learning and faculty development
• Securing quality students through lead generation, recruitment and admissions support
• Defining the right steps to guide your team and the college through the intake process

The presentation will include real-world examples that audience members will find relatable. Additionally, a Q/A session integrated into the presentation will allow the audience to ask questions specific to their situations.