Curation for the classroom. A practical look at discovering and integrating OER and other disaggregated course content

Concurrent Session 9

Session Materials

Brief Abstract

Discoverability, affordability, relevance and access remain critical for a successful course materials strategy. Topics:

  • Perspectives on the changing nature of content
  • Barriers in moving away from traditional models
  • OER pilots: cost benefits and academic results
  • Ed Map CURATE: addressing the critical components of the content supply


As vice president of solutions and services, Sarah ensures that Ed Map’s Platform-as-a-Service offerings anticipate and respond to client and market needs. Sarah leads Ed Map’s support, solutions, and product management groups. Her teams work with partners and clients to develop content strategies, and to architect, implement, and support Ed Map solutions. Sarah began her career managing properties and serving students with Ambling Management Company’s student-housing division. Sarah earned her undergraduate degree in English Literature from Ohio University, then topped off her liberal arts grounding with an MBA from OU as well. Go Bobcats!
Carly Statz has been an instructional designer at Thomas Edison State University since 2014. Prior to moving into the field of instructional design, she earned her Masters in Library Science from Indiana University and worked as an academic librarian.

Additional Authors

Major-Rohrer is the leader of CURATE by Ed Map, a professional services group which is designed to overcome the discoverability barrier that many faculty encounter when trying to incorporate fresh, relevant OER and disaggregated content in the classroom. She is also managing the product life-cycle of Ed Map’s comprehensive course materials management technology platform, OPENVUE®. Eszti has held multiple client facing positions within Ed Map and has been working in the higher education industry for over seven years. Prior to joining Ed Map, Eszti has conducted business consulting work for small businesses in the United States, Hungary and China. She moved to the United States eight years ago and resides currently in Southeast Ohio.

Extended Abstract

The growing importance of the Web as an academic resource, coupled with the recognition of a digital divide, expensive textbooks, student curiosity and demand for instant access are driving interest in new ways to think about course materials.  Options within the content landscape are increasingly plentiful. Just browsing the “standard” textbooks no longer suffices. Higher education needs focus on how content can support learning outcomes, not just on how the learning content is delivered.

Case studies are showing that the acceptance and use of free and low-cost non-traditional resources is growing. New players are entering the market offering content repositories for university staff to browse. Emerging technology solutions promise discoverability. Many schools are integrating the library deeply within the curriculum development process. But finding the most appropriate pieces to fit in the content puzzle is time consuming and, in many cases, costly.

Join a panel discussion by Thomas Edison State University, APUS and Ed Map to hear real life experiences in the new world of educational content discovery, curation, and use in the classroom.

The Presentation will discuss and share:

  • Perspectives on the changing nature and use of course materials
  • Barriers or challenges in moving away from traditional models
  • Pilots built on OER and disaggregated content: cost benefits and teaching and learning results
  • Emerging content curation technology
  • Ed Map’s CURATE: addressing the critical components of the evolving educational content supply                                             

Session Outcomes: Attendees will be able to

  • Share their own experiences with other attendees and presenters
  • Compare experience with the presenters and apply content curation advice to course development
  • Develop justification for non-traditional course content strategy
  • Formulate practical content curation plans