Podcasters Panel: “Long Tail” Professional Development for Online Education Professionals

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Brief Abstract

As podcasting has become more mainstream, a number of podcasts relevant to online educators have arisen. In this session a moderated panel of such podcasters representing different topics, styles, formats, and platforms will address podcasting as professional development. This session promises to be lively and interactive! Come with questions!


Dr. Katie Linder is an avid writer and researcher with a passion for process and peeking behind the scenes at what it takes to be a successful academic. Currently, Katie directs the Oregon State University Ecampus Research Unit and serves as an associate editor for the International Journal for Academic Development. She is also the creator of the Radical Self-Trust Podcast Channel and the host of a weekly interview-based podcast called Research in Action. She writes a weekly essay series called The Academic Creative. Her most recent book is Managing Your Professional Identity Online: A Guide for Faculty, Staff, and Administrators.
professor, learner, reader, encourager, geek (#edtech), host of Teaching in Higher Ed podcast, married to @davestachowiak, mother to two little ones.
Jon Ernstberger, PhD is the Director of Online Instruction and Instructional Technology and is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at LaGrange College in LaGrange, GA. He earned his doctorate in computational mathematics from NC State University in 2008 and came directly to LaGrange College where he expressed early interest in digitally-enhanced pedagogical practices. In his directorial capacity, Jon is engaged in online instruction at LaGrange College at every level including teaching courses, overseeing LMS/courseware deployment, developing students and faculty (at multiple scales), guiding institutional policy, and helping to maintain compliance with authorizing and accrediting bodies.

Extended Abstract

While those of us who follow technology trends in our roles as online education professionals have seen podcasting wax and wane in popularity, 2015 has been touted by Gimlet Media CEO Alex Blumberg as the year that podcasting arrived. While offerings such as “Serial” and “WTF with Marc Maron” have become pop culture phenomena, a number of podcasts relevant to online educators have arisen as well, perhaps exemplifying Anderson’s (2006) “long tail” concept in which even the most niche productions can find an audience.

In this session a moderated panel of higher education podcasters representing different topics, styles, formats, and platforms will address podcasting as professional development. In addition to addressing questions from the live audience, questions will also be crowdsourced ahead of time via social media and through each panelist’s podcast. Some anticipated topics are: the role of podcasting as a source of ongoing professional development; lessons learned in finding one’s voice and in finding an audience; the relationship between audience and format/platform choices; how to get started as a podcasting online education professional; and ideas for building a richer, expanding network of podcasters within the online higher education community.

Panelists and the podcasts they represent include:

This panel session will be moderated by Kelvin Thompson, co-host of TOPcast: The Teaching Online Podcast.

Session Outline

  1. Welcome and Introductions [2 mins]

  2. Podcast Profiles [5 mins]
    (brief summary for comparison/contrast from each panelist)

    1. Podcast name

    2. Purpose/audience

    3. Institutionally supported or independent creative effort

    4. Style

    5. Episode length

    6. Frequency of episode release

    7. Age of podcast

    8. # of episodes released

    9. Distribution venue(s)

  3. Moderated Questions and Answers [35 mins]

    1. Responses to Prepared and Crowdsourced Questions

    2. Live Audience Question and Answer

  4. Wrap-Up and Follow-Up Opportunities [3 mins]