Sign, sealed, delivered (online!) Creating a contract for pedagogical requirements in an online course

Concurrent Session 4

Session Materials

Brief Abstract

It’s apples and oranges when it comes to the differences between teaching online and teaching on-campus. Online teaching requires a bit more finesse than just showing up, but how do you get instructors to recognize and comply with the online learning environment needs? Make it a part of the contract! 


Marlene Leekang, Executive Director of NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering’s Enterprise Learning and Online Learning units, manages the development of new initiatives and collaborations across the University and with external partners and clients. Leekang is responsible for launching new programs, preparing financial models, and oversight of implementation. In previous roles in the Enterprise Learning and Online Learning units, Leekang oversaw day-to-day operations of online learning and corporate education, was responsible for implementing marketing and recruitment strategies for the school's online students as well as student and faculty services, student management and quality assurance. With over fifteen years of management experience, Leekang has worked as an executive in corporate environments, managing large-scale local and global customer-service teams. Her extensive background has given her the knowhow to execute best practices in serving NYU School of Engineering students, faculty, and Fortune 500 clients. Since joining NYU School of Engineering in 2010, her leadership has contributed to the growth and expansion of Enterpise Learning and NYU-ePoly, resulting in doubling revenue and enrollment in less than four years. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from York College, her Master’s in Psychology from Queens College, and her Master’s in Higher Education Administration from Baruch College.

Extended Abstract

The way a student learns in a classroom has not changed in hundreds of years. The online classroom requires a different pedagogical approach. This session will review the contractual teaching agreements focused on the pedagogical requirements of an online class. This session will review the “Course Requirements” established for all online course instructors such as expectations for the syllabus, creating and posting expectations of interactions between instructor and students, instructor’s availability and responsiveness, and other notable features for a successful delivery of an online course.

Learning Objectives:

Identify commom improvements needed in online course development and teaching.

Analyze policies established at NYU which standardize and formalize the online course development process.

Judge whether there are gaps in existing policies which require revisions to meet pedagogical needs.

Revise current policies to establish appropriate requirements for guiding faculty through the development and teaching expectations.

Interactivity for session:

Participants will share their institutions faculty requirements and provide feedback for challenging areas.

Questions from participants will be taken as well.