Transform Your Content into a Robust Adaptive Course in a Few Simple Steps

Concurrent Session 2

Brief Abstract

In this session, instructors and instructional designers will learn how to create their own adaptive learning courseware based on the content they are already using in their teaching. Attendees will have the opportunity to use their own authoring login to transform their content into an adaptive course module - ready to use in their teaching straight away. 

Extended Abstract

This very hands-on session will allow instructors to get an indepth look behind the scenes of adaptive technology and gives them a glimpse of what their own online course can look like. CogBooks team members will be present during the session to answer any questions that might arise. Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptop to make use of this unique opportunity, however the CogBooks team will be happy to provide their own devices and work with the participants.

The session will start with an approximately 5-minute introduction and distribution of handouts including step-by-step access and authoring instruction and unique login details. Afterwards, the attendees can access the tool using their unique Login ID, and start creating their course layout and upload content. Participants who didn't bring their own device will be able to either work in groups or work with one of the CogBooks staff members on their devices. The situation will be assessed during the introduction part. During this exploration time, CogBooks staff will walk around the room to check whether any participant is facing problems or has questions about the tool or adaptive learning in general. During the last 10 minutes we will wrap up the session by answering any further questions (or summarizing the questions we have heard during the exploration time) and describing free trial and licensing procedures for all the attendees who are interested in further developing their course. 

In order to make this session as valuable as possible for participants, we would recommend the following alternative to the general session type: Using a blended learning approach, we host a live webinar or send out recorded presentations to all registered attendees approximately one week before the conference (making this a registration-only event would be desirable). That way, we can demonstrate the authoring tool in greater depth and ensure that participants come to the session with some knowledge of the tool. Furthermore, we could give attendees clearer instructions on the pieces of content they should bring to the session and upload into the course they will author. This will allow for a more meaningful interaction with the tool and a course module they can take away and use in their teaching immediately.  

- In depth understanding of Adaptive Technology
- Hand-on experience with an online authoring tool 
- Social learning experience with other instructors
- 30-day authoring trial with option to use developed course / module / sub-module for small license fee