Creating High-Value Partnerships for Innovation

Concurrent Session 2

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Brief Abstract

Higher education institutions and technology providers can build synergistic partnerships that drive scalable innovation. Successful partnerships require thoughtful alignment and excellent communication to achieve shared goals. This panel will discuss the efficacy of technology solutions, how it has impacted the University of Nebraska’s goals and objectives related to online education, and how to get the partnership “right”.


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Extended Abstract

Ranku and the University of Nebraska (NU) through the system wide collaborative initiative University of Nebraska Online Worldwide (NUOW) began working together in June 2015 and the benefits of the partnership has been very positive.  By redesigning NUOW’s website and developing a data tool to provide insight and actionable information for NUOW’s key performance indicators, Ranku enabled NUOW to surpass its goals and significantly increase the volume of inquiries from potential online students. The partnership has been successful in generating more prospective NU students.

The most important part of a successful partnership is effective communication and prompt delivery of relevant technology solutions that work. The efficacy of a technology solution is best explained with data. Ranku roots all tech-enabled reporting and recommendations based on the analytics their software collects. NUOW has been able to use the efficacy of Ranku’s technology solution to make decisions about the allocation of marketing resources focused on growing enrollment in their online degree portfolio. NU has offered access and flexibility through online degrees for many years, and, by using Ranku’s analytics dashboard, NUOW is now able to make data driven decisions, which has exponentially improved its ability to maximize efforts and resources.

Innovation in the field of online education is rapidly changing. By primarily focusing on user experience related to website information, NUOW is paving the way to a more student centric experience. Additionally, by focusing on the experience of the prospective students first they are also been able to gain valuable insight into the trends and patterns of students seeking online degrees. By effectively leveraging Ranku’s technology, NUOW has also been able to expand programs based on demand and more efficiently spend marketing dollars.

This panel will discuss in detail the synergistic Ranku-NUOW partnership that is helping to drive scalable innovation by using technology solutions that work.