MSU Denver AIDNet CoDeX: Solving Problems at the Pace of Change

Concurrent Session 8

Session Materials

Brief Abstract

Changing any culture is difficult, but changing one within higher education can seem impossible. Join education technology leaders from MSU Denver as we explore AIDNet, an Agile approach to team structure and dynamics, along with CoDeX, an economic framework and future vision for strategically managing instructional design.

Extended Abstract

Are you ready to think big? Are you interested in shifting the traditional higher education paradigms related to instructional design and technology? At MSU Denver we are excited about the future of education, but we also know that disruptive change will be necessary if we are to realize the future we envision. In this session we will briefly revisit AIDNet, an organizational framework presented at OLC Innovate last April in New Orleans, and then explore the AIDNet Course Design Exchange (CoDeX), an innovative approach to instructional design and project management which ensures equity, accountability, and continuous improvement.

The AIDNet CoDeX acts as an inter-institution micro-market-economy, allowing departments and faculty to “purchase” unique services or service packages. By economizing the instructional design process, through monetizing design time, we look to create greater institutional equity and consistency. Learn basic techniques and strategies for adapting similar approaches within your institution, and become part of a growing community of professionals looking to adopt entrepreneurial models/thinking and change the culture of higher education.