Video Production in Higher Ed: 10 lessons learned in developing workflows for capturing content

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Brief Abstract

The University of Florida’s College of Pharmacy produces over 2,000 videos each year. By creating realistic expectations and investing in the proper studio design, our team is able to produce educational content at a rapid pace. Our processes keep the course content relevant while maintaining a high production value. 


As Director of Video Production for the University of Florida’s College of Pharmacy and Entrepreneurial Programs, I lead the video team in working with instructors to create engaging, high quality video for distribution to multiple campuses and for various online programs. I coordinate with internal and external partners in development of media for online delivery. With a strong video production background I understand the resources required for the production process and creating a product with a high production value within the higher education environment. I am responsible for strategically managing staff capacities and project timelines. Sourcing specialized equipment and resources for the operation of multiple production facilities. Oversight of projects and staff in the areas of digital capture and post-production, quality control, formatting, optical character recognition, metadata enhancement, and archiving. I work closely with the IT staff to manage an appropriate work flow of content, advise internal and external clients on technical specifications for multi-media, and decisions regarding best practices for future business models of digital capture services in the higher education environment.
John Houder began his career writing and editing for the web, eventually branching out into website and application development. With more than 9 years' experience creating content and managing websites, John brings a critical eye to digital media with a focus on design, usability, and communication. As the Technical Supervisor for the Video Services department at the University of Florida's College of Pharmacy, John assists in creating and delivering high-quality educational content to students from all 50 states and over 60 countries.

Extended Abstract

The University of Florida’s College of Pharmacy Video Production Group produces over 2,000 educational videos each year. Our studios and classrooms are extremely busy with both blended and traditional education models. In order to keep our production log from backing up, it has become essential to tailor the production process for higher education. The creation of educational content has its own set of rules, and this process will prepare any production team for success. As with any technology, the game is changing quickly and we need to stay ahead of the curve by exploring new methods and workflows while not getting bogged down by technology. Students increasingly expect fresh content with a high production value, which is difficult to create in an educational setting. The goal is to create professional videos and develop a fast workflow that is comfortable and realistic for our faculty. To that end, we have established 10 rules that should be constantly considered in order to successfully create content for higher education. This presentation is designed to help the production staff, instructional designers, administration, and faculty to understand the challenges and solutions when developing a strategy to stay ahead of the game.