Research in Distance Education and Technological Advancements (DETA): Part 2: Community Discussions

Concurrent Session 6

Brief Abstract

The DETA Research Center seeks to engage a community of individuals interested in or currently conducting research on distance education. After the presentation of research studies, participants will gather in small groups to discuss a.) challenges in conducting research and needs of the research community, b.) possible solutions or resources to meet needs and overcome challenges, and c.) opportunities for funding and collaboration. In previous DETA community discussions, we identified some of the top challenges in conducting research; these included a lack of standardization in the research process, difficulty with adequately incentivizing participation, reliance on self-reported data, absence of a collaborative culture despite the necessity of a team-based approach, and problems accessing individual level data. One key recommendation was to build a community to proffer and provide support. We hope to expand on previous efforts to increase each individual’s and institution’s capacity to carry out DETA Research by building community and implementing solutions. For more, view these posts:
Challenges in Conducting DETA Research
Recommendations for DETA Research Support