Create an Infographic or Image in Order to Quickly Convey Complex Information

Concurrent Session 9

Session Materials

Brief Abstract

Create dynamic images to enhance your learning environment using various infographic tech resources. Images and infographics convey complex information that is easily digestible by the viewers. During this hands-on session, we will compare and contrast quality infographic tech resources and use them create infographics and images for use with students and colleagues.

Extended Abstract

Using images and infographics enable students to more easily comprehend complex concepts or processes quickly thus providing the opportunity to move through parts of a lesson at a faster pace or create time in order to dive more deeply into your session objectives.  During this presentation you will be introduced to several infographic tech resources.  We will compare and contrast the features of each tool as well as highlight the special features that each tool provides to the user. Next, we will create an infographic that contains a graph or chart using Piktochart. We will link the data in a Google sheet to the graph or chart and observe how the graph or chart changes in real time as the data in the Google sheet is updated.  Finally, we will create an original image using Infographic tools and enable you to design custom graphics for instruction and/or presentations. They also help prevent you from committing copyright infringement. These free tech tools are easy to use and enhance the learning environment for all.