Kick Start Your Online Teaching Career with OLC!

Concurrent Session 1
OLC Session

Brief Abstract

Learn firsthand from faculty and graduates how the OLC Online Teaching Certificate Programs can help you develop your skills and knowledge and stay current as online and digital education trends evolve.

Extended Abstract

Take your practice and expertise to the next level. When you make the choice to partner with something or someone you can only get better. Let 2017 be the year you increase your marketability and performance in conjunction with the OLC Institute for Professional Development. Through this premier online venue you can continue to develop your skills, knowledge, and talent while expanding your professional network. This session will feature faculty and graduates from The Online Teaching Certificate Programs. The Online Teaching Certificate Program is designed to prepare educators in quality course design and effective online instructional delivery. This program offers mentor support, guidance, and specialization in an area of your choice through a series of elective workshops. The Advanced Certificate Program offers peer feedback and expert advice from seasoned faculty members and administrators.