OLC Accelerate 2016: A look back and the road ahead

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Join us in the Southern Hemisphere Foyer at 12:30pm for a wrap-up of OLC Accelerate 2016! Mingle with your fellow attendees as Dr. Jamila Lyiscott - through a merging of the traditional "talk summary" and spoken word poetry - presents a concluding talk/performance that draws from African American oral art and hip-hop culture. Dr. Lyiscott's final presentation/performance will provide an interpretation of the key themes, trends, and questions generated during the conference, concluding her interpretation of how to accelerate these ideas in online teaching and learning. 

Light refreshments will be served at this fun and casual event.

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Jamila Lyiscott is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute for Urban and Minority Education (IUME) of Teachers College, Columbia University. She also serves as an educator, community organizer, consultant and motivational speaker locally and internationally. Jamila’s wok focuses on contexts where the cultures, literacies and literatures of young people of color are critically engaged and humanized for social change. Her scholarship is situated in Culturally Sustaining Pedagogy, Literacy Studies, and Black Literature. Jamila is the founder and co director of the Cyphers For Justice (CFJ) youth, research, and advocacy program, apprenticing inner-city youth as critical researchers through hip-hop, spoken word, and digital literacy. She was recently featured on Ted.com where her video was viewed over 3 million times, Along with several publications, she has lectured and directed educational justice projects widely. Through her community, scholastic, and artistic efforts, Jamila hopes to play a key role in forging better connections between the world of academia and communities of color outside.