Active Learning and Analytics to Increase Student Success

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Brief Abstract

We all like to use active learning strategies and know that analytics provide feedback essential for course revision. Soomo makes this easier. 

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Extended Abstract

We set out to build an environment for active learning in 2004. But shortly thereafter, we realized that the ability to track and measure student engagement gave us a concrete record of what students did and how those actions related to success in the course. For the first time, we had empirical feed back on the success of instructional strategies at a page-by-page level.

Since then, Soomo's course designers have worked with faculty at hundreds of institutions to help them understand where their students are struggling, to roll-out theory-backed instructional design strategies, and to measure the results. The result is active courseware, tailored to the institution's unique context, and steady improvement in outcomes term-over-term.

In this presentation we will use a few of the courses we've created to illustrate our process for making learning more active, and course design more effective.