10 Ways to Achieve Financial Success with Your Online Program

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Brief Abstract

 Online programs can create predictable and sustainable growth if properly structured, managed, and financed. We will present a financial model that ensures programs are self-sustaining.

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Dr. Cindy Wheatley has worked in higher education for 22 years, serving as a faculty member, an associate dean, and as a leader in online program management and consulting. As Senior Vice President for Research at Keypath Education, Cindy manages a team of higher education research and assessment specialists who collaborate with our academic partners and clients to select, launch and manage online programs that will meet their financial, academic and missional goals.
Drew helps institutions of higher education to grow sustainably and in line with their missions. He has worked with universities and higher ed service providers on four continents to plan and launch new programs, evaluate potential vendors and partners, and determine whether to outsource or build capabilities in-house. Drew was a key member of the management team at Compass Knowledge Group (now part of Pearson Education), which pioneered the online program management services industry. Through a variety of operational and finance roles, he has developed methods and models for selecting, structuring, and growing degree and certificate programs while minimizing financial and academic risks. In addition to advising universities, Drew volunteers as an adult literacy tutor and is a member of Doane University's Board of Trustees and chair of the technology and innovation committee. The son of professors, Drew believes that college campuses, whether physical or virtual, are hallowed places.



Extended Abstract

Launching and growing successful online programs must begin with an innovation-centered financial model and a solid plan for the realities of attracting, recruiting and retaining students. Dr. Cindy Wheatley and Drew Bagley will present an approach to creating a sustainable financial model for online programs, including:

  • Couse development and delivery
  • Program administration
  • Marketing & recruitment
  • Student retention

They will present answers to questions such as:

  • How can you efficiently scale your online programs without sacrificing quality?
  • What support resources are needed to sustain your online programs?
  • How can you predict long-term performance?

You will leave the presentation with actionable takeaways and ideas to enhance the success rate of your online programs.