Overcoming Obstacles to Access in South Africa

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Brief Abstract

This presentation addresses how North West University and Mirum are making Short Courses accessible to previously under-served South Africans via mobile.

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Phil Ice is the Chief Learning Officer for Mirum Learning. He is responsible for platform envisioning / architecture, solution development, institutional and corporate relationships, and management of learning architecture activities. Prior to joining Mirum, Phil was with APUS, UNCC, and WVU. His work has focused on emerging technologies and large scale data, for which he has received numerous awards and grants over the years.



Extended Abstract

Short courses are the primary means for providing education to South African who are not able to go from high school to college, as well as providing continuing education opportunities. However, because of issues related to access many learners have not been able to avail themselves of the opportunity to engage in these courses. This presentation will demonstrate how North West University and Mirum solved this problem through the delivery of dynamic, on-demand, mobile learning with full online, offline capabilities.