5 Ways to Make Video Engaging and Accessible with Camtasia and TechSmith Relay

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 Make your courses interactive with in-video quizzing, LMS/gradebook integration, and easy captioning for e-learning that is more accessible to all learners.

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Shane Lovellette has more than 25 years of experience with video and media. His passion began in high school when he used video to recreate the assassination of Julius Caesar for a Latin class project. Since then Shane has participated in the disruptive changes video creation and consumption have experienced, from democratization of high quality cameras built into smart phones and non-linear video editing, to easy online distribution for worldwide audiences. With a B.S. in Television, Radio and Film Production from Syracuse University, and an MBA from Michigan State University, Shane is focused on how to use video effectively for teaching and learning in higher education. As a Strategy Lead at TechSmith (a software company that makes Snagit, Camtasia, Relay, Morae and more), Shane works with higher education faculty, instructional designers, and IT administrators to understand their unique problems and figure out innovative, yet easy ways to solve them.



Extended Abstract

Students expect quality online courses, beyond yesterday’s lecture capture. Join Shane as he shares how to make your videos interactive with capabilities in the new Camtasia and TechSmith Relay, including in-video quizzing that provides immediate feedback to your students, real-time assessments, and how interaction can help you take strategic actions based on student progress. Learn how to integrate your videos directly into your LMS, feed quiz results into the Gradebook, and other valuable strategies that enable the instructor to gauge which videos are the most effective. Shane will also show how you can add and edit captions easily, even after your videos have been shared, as well as other ways to include captions that take the stress out of ADA compliance.

See how cloud video hosting and management has helped clients across the country - hear how Boise State University optimized video instruction by integrating with their LMS, learn how Odessa College leverages video content and assessment to significantly increase student engagement and retention, and how Mott Community College employed a “classroots” adoption method to bring new technologies into the classroom.

Don’t miss your chance to see up-close examples of how the latest video creation, hosting and management can take your online and blended learning to the next level, and you’ll walk away with practical ways to make your online videos more dynamic and accessible for all learners.