Fostering Authentic Science Laboratory Experiences For Online Learners Using Digital Technologies And Hands-On Kits

Concurrent Session 3

Brief Abstract

eScience Labs uses new digital technologies, including instructional videos, gamification,and analytic tools, with hands-on laboratory kits to promote online science student success.

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Scott Higgins is the chairman and chief executive officer of eScience Labs, a Colorado-based company that creates authentic labs kits accompanied by digital and video assets to enhance and measure the online student learning experience. He is currently working on a doctoral degree in Education at the University of Colorado, Denver. After spending more than 20 years in the technology, entertainment and communications industries, Scott brought his experience to eScience Labs in 2013 as the company’s chief operating officer. Under Scott’s leadership, eScience Labs has nearly doubled its growth opportunities, streamlined its delivery processes – and developed a sharpened focus on product development and customer service.



Extended Abstract

Online education is increasingly commonplace. However, for many science instructors, translating the traditional laboratory experience to an online environment can be a challenge, particularly when seeking to maintain a rigorous and safe hands-on experience when students are working from home. eScience Labs provides science instructors a solution to these concerns by combining new digital technologies with hands-on laboratory kits to deliver a robust and engaging laboratory experience. In this session, the eScience Labs team will discuss their digital curriculum and laboratory kits. In particular, the team will highlight how digital technologies, including instructional videos, gamification, and analytic tools, are used to increase the safety and success of students taking online science courses.