SmarterServices Focus Group: CBE – Friend Or Foe To eLearning?

Concurrent Session 3

Brief Abstract

The public is calling for reform in higher education.  Improvement is sought in the expense and time taken for degree completion.  Competency Based Education seems to hold promise for improvement on both of those issues.  But will growth in CBE programs imply a decline for traditional eLearning?  At some institutions CBE seems to be operated by the eLearning department and is complimentary.  But at some institutions it is operated by other departments and could transition enrollments and revenue away from eLearning departments. 

In this focus group we will explore different management and marketing models for CBE and determine if at your institution CBE is more of a friend or foe to eLearning.  The conversation will be guided by several polls in which attendees will participate using their cell phones.  A $50 Amazon gift card will be awarded as a door prize during the session.

This session is open to all OLC Accelerate attendees.  Seating is limited to 25


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