Through Their Eyes: What Students Expect from Online Learning

Concurrent Session 9

Brief Abstract

This presentation will explore the online learning experience through the student perspective and discuss how to effectively meet the expectations of today's online learners.

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Adam Larson has been working to engage learners with technology for the last 13 years. Starting off in the classroom and working his way up to oversee large institution technology integrations, he's excited to now be serving as the Director of Educational Strategy at Schoology.



Extended Abstract

From the perspective of a first year student looking to stay connected and organized in a new environment, to a third year student preparing for life after commencement, come explore the specific needs and expectations students have for technology with Schoology's Director of Educational Strategy, Adam Larson. Experience firsthand how Schoology's LMS serves the needs of both students and instructors through their eyes in a collaborative online or blended course environment.