Growing Programs by Serving Internal Customers

Concurrent Session 9

Brief Abstract

This session will challenge participants to improve their programs through serving Internal Customers – those coworkers and colleagues who depend upon or benefit from your services. 

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Eric is a Higher Education veteran who served as a continuing education program manager and department leader prior to moving to a consulting and partnership development role. Eric currently serves as the Vice President of Partnership Development, where he oversees partnerships with colleges and universities as well as relationship management-focused marketing initiatives.



Extended Abstract

Internal Customers are co-workers, colleagues, and stakeholders who rely upon, or benefit from, the service or productivity from someone else within an organization. While external customers choose to engage with an organization, internal customers are dependent upon us to effectively serve their students or customers. Building strong customer-focused relationships on campus will lead to program growth, reduced costs, and improved program efficiency.

During this presentation, we will define internal customers and how they differ from our external customers. Using examples from ProctorFree’s university partnerships, we’ll explore success stories that can be easily replicated on other campuses to help stimulate enrollment growth.