Convenient Online Proctoring With Integrity: Turning The Promise Into A Reality

Concurrent Session 7

Brief Abstract

Truly convenient online proctored testing – with integrity, is the Holy Grail of distance learning. Learn techniques and best practices for creating an online proctoring infrastructure.

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Ryan is a Senior Business Development Manager at Software Secure, Inc. managing partnerships with schools like Johns Hopkins, University of South Carolina, and Purdue University. He joined the company in 2013 after several years as a consultant and account manager at Communispace Corporation. Ryan speaks with countless educators, instructional designers, and administrators on a regular basis guiding them through their current proctoring and security challenges. With a focus on customer experience, he works closely with senior leadership and account management to ensure quality and excellence throughout the customer lifecycle.



Extended Abstract

Online proctoring solutions have been adopted by instructional designers and faculty over the last few years to solve the assessment flexibility and integrity problem. Although testing solutions have improved steadily, it’s still a challenge to achieve the promise of a truly convenient method – faculty and students getting what they want, when they want it, without adding additional costs, administration – or sacrificing integrity. It shouldn’t be that difficult to provide a convenient proctored exam experience. So what’s making it hard? This session will provide tips and techniques for creating an online proctoring infrastructure that gives faculty the flexibility and freedom of choice in how they design assessments and provides students the convenience they demand. It will also show how to build a self-sustaining test integrity culture where administrators, instructional designers and faculty work collaboratively to support online proctoring success.