Slow Flow Yoga with Kathryn (Thursday AM)

Brief Abstract

Ready to start the day energized? Join us for a 1 hour Slow Flow Yoga class with Kathryn, a fellow conference attendee and certified yoga instructor.  Slow Flow Yoga is made up of slow flow (three breaths per posture) including sun and/or moon salutations. Yoga mat, comfy clothes, & water needed.

Note:  All OLC Accelerate attendees participate in yoga classes at their own risk.  In the unlikely event of injury, please note that OLC may not be held liable.  The Swan/Dolphin will have a limited number of yoga mats available for the class.



Kathryn Kennedy, Ph. D., is the Director of MVU’s Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute (MVLRI). Dr. Kennedy has extensive experience with online and blended learning in higher education and K-12 as a former assistant professor at Georgia Southern University and as the Director of Research for the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL). She coordinates and oversees projects at MVLRI, networks and onboards MVLRI Fellows, and conducts qualitative research. She is involved in national and international efforts in quality assurance for K-12 online and blended learning, including holding leadership roles in the development of new and the enhancement of existing ISTE and iNACOL standards. She has published in various venues her work, which primarily focuses broadly on education professionals and their preparation for next generation learning models, including but not limited to online and blended learning environments.