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In this renaissance of emerging technology, being able to craft a killer recipe for engagement on the fly is an invaluable skill.  We invite you to join us for some fiery pedagogical competition in the Technology Test Kitchen as we hold our very first Iron Chef Battles.

A zesty combo of popular TV cooking competition shows (Iron Chef, Chopped, etc.), we’re pairing exhibitors and educators into teams to battle for bragging rights over who can create the most exciting new recipe for technology. We’ll be holding four qualifying heats in the TTK with a high-energy finale on Friday at the end of the conference. 


Atlantic Hall- Technology Test Kitchen
Weds Nov 16

Concurrent Session 2

Chef Battle Heat 1 Teams:
Mirum Learning
Team UNC
Shark Chefs
Procki & Flash
Atlantic Hall- Technology Test Kitchen
Wed Nov 16

Concurrent Session 4

Chef Battle Heat 2 Teams: 
Spartan e-Crusanders
GO Thunder
Secret Sauce
The Aggies
Atlantic Hall- Technology Test Kitchen
Thu Nov 17
Concurrent Session 6

Chef Battle Heat 3 Teams: 
Personalized Learning
The Lebowski Achievers
The Wildcats
Atlantic Hall- Technology Test Kitchen
Thu Nov 17
Concurrent Session 8

Chef Battle Heat 4 Teams: 
Team Transinstitution
The Spice Girls
Team OLC – Online Learning Chefs
Granite Innovation
Northern Hemisphere C
Fri Nov 18
Concurrent Session 11
Final Chef Battle Teams: 
One winner from each of the previous heats 1-4!

Here’s a Taste of the Event:

  • Each heat will take place during one of the 45 minute concurrent sessions held on Weds and Thurs, with the final battle on Friday before the Closing Session.
  • Up to four teams will be presented with a pedagogical challenge and a set of tech “ingredients” that they’ll weave together to create an innovative solution.
  • We’ll have displays hooked up to see the teams’ brainstorming process, a journalist documenting and sharing all of the recipes, and emcees roaming about to keep things fresh.
  • A panel of judges and the audience will vote on which “recipe” they’re most excited to try.
  • Creativity wins the day here, with instant disqualification for any team that offers a “sales pitch” for a product instead of a pedagogical solution.

Each battle heat will consist of a unique challenge question around a pedagogical theme, with several themes aligned to the conference strands.  You’ll be able to combine several effective practices and technology tools to create a “recipe” for how to solve that challenge question.  Here are some examples of the types of challenge questions that may be asked:


Sample Challenge
Learner Services and Support
Create a “recipe” that helps to accelerate learner preparedness for the online classroom.  Your recipe should identify a specific need and offer a solution to address the support needed.

Create a “recipe” for measuring or improving student engagement that incorporates data visualization.  Feel free to bring in any technological ingredients that you’d like.

Institutional Strategies and Innovations
Create a “recipe” for collaboration amongst cross-institutional teams, using emerging technology as the secret ingredient unifying the efforts of a diverse group of stakeholders.

Development and Support
Create a “recipe” for an innovation in professional development for faculty members teaching online. Your recipe should be robust and provide a lasting solution that will encourage continuous improvement to the learning community it serves.


Call for Battlers

Exhibitors of OLC Accelerate and educators attending the conference are invited to pair up and join us as a competing team.  You’ll have the opportunity to help create an innovative tech “recipe” that will be shared with the attendees of the conference, as well as compete for sweet prizes and bragging rights.

Please note:  You are welcome to have partners who are exhibitors at OLC Accelerate join your team presentation.  However, non-exhibitor vendors will not be allowed to participate in the iron Chef Battle.  Additionally, each team is required to have at least one academic partner. 

Interested in applying?  Please apply to compete by September 23. Applications are now closed. 

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments – you can email Angela Gunder at  Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you at the Iron Chef Battle!​



  • Sept 23 – Applications close
  • Sept 28 – Winning teams notified
  • Oct 5 – Accept deadline for teams
  • Oct 14  – All members of accepted teams must be registered for the conference
  • Nov 16 & 17 – Preliminary Heats
  • Nov 18 – Final Battle


The Rules:

  • Each team is required to have at least one academic partner/educator.  
  • Special priority will be given to blended (educator + exhibitor) teams.  
  • Teams should consist of not more than 4 people.
  • Any team that offers a sales pitch will be instantly disqualified – oh no! 


Sweet Prizes

Beyond the bragging rights and the ability to share a creative pedagogical solution with the OLC community, winning team members will receive:

  • A one-year OLC Professional Membership (limited to a maximum of 4 team members). Current OLC members would receive a 1-year extension to their existing OLC Professional Membership.
  • A complimentary future OLC 2017 or 2018 conference registration (limited to a maximum of 4 team members, not applicable to OLC Accelerate 2016).
    • The OLC Team will engage the winning team in a conversation of how best to showcase their solution through OLC.  Examples may include a webinar, membership dashboard interaction, OLC social media promotion, etc.



    Each team should have no more than 4 people.

    Yes, all teams are required to have at least one academic partner. Preference will be given to teams with both an exhibitor and an academic partner, but teams of just academic partners are allowed to apply. 

    There will be 4 preliminary heats of 4 teams each. The winner of each of the 4 battle heats will move on to the final battle, to take place on Friday, November 18.

    Teams will be matched into heats based on the themes that they select on the application form rather than companies of similar fields.  We will notify you of your heat before the conference so that you have plenty of time to reflect and prepare.

    We use culinary metaphors in the Technology Test Kitchen quite often – in this instance, we mean a combination of effective practices, innovative approaches and emerging technology tools.

    Another culinary metaphor – we refer to the solutions that people come up with as “recipes”.

    In that the TTK is a space to share practices as opposed to strict sales demos, it was important to the designers of the competition that teams focus on solutions to the question offered in the battle as opposed to a chance to simply do a sales pitch for a product. Worth mentioning, your tools could be a part of your proposed solution you share – but if the judge feels that you a team is not offering a solution so much as a sales pitch, they will disqualify the team.

    Yes, all participants must be registered conference attendees.