Digital Storytelling Application Express Workshop

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Brief Abstract

This interactive workshop will teach attendees how to create digital stories through Adobe Spark. Examples of assignments, tools, and rubrics for digital storytelling in the classroom will be discussed.  To gain the most from this training, attendees should come prepared with several digital images, story ideas, quotes, etc. 

Extended Abstract

Digital storytelling is an innovative teaching tool appropriate for K-12 and higher education classrooms.  The Digital Storytelling Application Express Workshop is intended to demonstrate the uses of digital storytelling in the classroom, including examples of creative assignments, useful tools, and grading rubrics.  This workshop is geared for novice or intermediate level learners in the K-12 or higher education levels eager to explore the innovative world of digital storytelling. Participants will gain hands-on experience with Adobe Spark through a step-by-step guide of utilizing this tool in the classroom. Participants will engage in the material through interactive questions and answers and audience contributions and presentations of their personal digital stories.

The session will begin with a brief introduction to digital storytelling and then move to application of digital storytelling in both online and face-to-face classrooms. Participants will be exposed to sample assignments and rubrics for use at the K-12 and higher education levels. The workshop presenters will then facilitate the development of each participant’s personal digital story through a step-by-step presentation of the Adobe Spark tool. To gain the most from this workshop, participants should bring several digital images, story ideas, quotes, songs, etc. on their device to use with Adobe Spark during the training. During the development phase of the workshop, participants are encouraged to ask questions about tools and steps in the digital storytelling process.  The workshop will conclude with participants presenting their sample digital stories in small groups and a large-group brief reflection session, time permitting.

Learning outcomes of the workshop include:

  1. Workshop participants will gain an awareness of the potential uses and benefits of digital storytelling in both K-12 and higher education classes.
  2.  Workshop participants will gain an increased knowledge of potential digital learning tools, specifically Adobe Spark.
  3. Workshop participants will gain an appreciation of the role that digital storytelling can play in learning and student engagement.
  4. Workshop participants will complete the creation of a sample digital story that can be used in the online or face-to-face classroom.
  5. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to present their digital stories in a small group setting.
  6. Workshop participants will reflect on their learning and gained understanding of digital storytelling in a large-group setting.