The Power of Analytics: Influencing Student Growth and Retention

Concurrent Session 7

Session Materials

Brief Abstract

With the increased focus on persistence, retention, and graduation, institutions are strategizing on student success. Stay ahead of the curve by discovering new ways to make data do the work for you! You will gain the insights needed to ensure that your students remain at the top of their game. 


Data Analyst at Florida International University vastly experienced and certified in Tableau analytics in the fields of education (student, faculty/staff, university performance metrics), business operations (financials, inventory, goal tracking, forecasting), marketing (campaign analysis, recruitment, social networks), and human resource analytics. Since 2014, I have been working at FIU Online at implementing a data-driven culture at the department and university level. I have partnered with different units for better insight delivery of learning and academic analytics, as well as enhanced interactive reporting and analysis. Passionate and very interested in the fields of Business Intelligence, Research, Analytics and Data Mining. I currently hold a Master of Science in Management Information Systems as well as a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems and Marketing. Previously, I have held the role of Instructional Designer at Florida International University developing online courses for a variety of school/colleges and working with different faculty and staff. I am experienced in instructional design, e-learning, audio and graphic design, application programming and public speaking.
As a Data Analyst for FIU Online, I have extensive knowledge in Tableau analytics and a passion for data. I work with various units within the University to design accurate, up-to-date, engaging and informative dashboards to support departmental operations such as enrollment tracking, student success strategy improvement, marketing strategy development, and course design and auditing processes. I have a Bachelor of Science from Florida International University, where I graduated with a degree in I.T. - Software Engineering and a minor in Social Media and E-Marketing Analytics, and I am currently working on a Master's in Data Science. My academic and professional background have provided me with both the technical knowledge necessary to understand the intricacies of data and the insight required to navigate the analytics industry.

Extended Abstract

There is a variety of data sources required to be able to build a comprehensive report and appreciate the bigger picture when it comes to analyzing student data. The session will describe the manner in which this data can be compiled, summarized and displayed using Tableau Dashboards with the objective of influencing student-body growth and retention. The presentation will feature dashboards created for FIU Online with the purpose of demonstrating how analytics contributes to student success using data from our student information system (SIS - Peoplesoft) and our learning management system (Blackboard Learn). For example, our Student Performance Analysis dashboard tracks past student performance and allows for a proactive approach in future semesters. The Student Risk Profiler and Student Gradebook monitors student progress during the course of the semester and allows for an adequate and timely response to deal with obstacles students are facing. The Tiered Reports provide a prioritized view of at-risk students to allow for an attempt at recovery. These reports allow for various student success strategies for response and recovery. You too can put your data to work and make sure you are a giving your students their best chance at success! 

At the end of this presentation, you will be able to:

  1. Recognize the importance of tracking and analyzing student data for retention, persistence, and success
  2. Identify examples of how data can be visualized to provide insights into persistence and retention
  3. Identify different ways to act on student data, improve school performance and influence student success