Meet the 2017 Digital Learning Innovation Award Faculty-Lead Team Recipients

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Brief Abstract

Meet the 2017 DLIAward Faculty-Lead Team Awardees. Each team that submitted for this year's award shared a common intention – that student success is positively impacted by digital learning initiatives. We know the field is young and that “success” is subjective, however, we hope that these exceptional pioneers inspire others and increase the number of underrepresented students completing college across the U.S.

Extended Abstract

This panel session will include members of the exemplary faculty-lead teams receiving this year’s DLIAward. Each team will present their exceptional courseware project and describe the problem they were addressing related to underrepresented student success. Award winners will detail their project impact as well as share strategies for successful implementation in your course or program. It is our hope that other institutions see themselves and their students in the 2017 DLIAwardee initiatives.