Connecting Teens With Curriculum - Why Be Boring?

Concurrent Session 7

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Brief Abstract

Student engagement is oft promised, but seldom delivered. If your nightmares include a square peg and a round hole, you know the online education industry still doesn't get it. We do. We speak student.


Tim’s passion is education, and his experience as a Texas educator and educational consultant, brings valuable knowledge to best serve educators across the country. As Director of Sales for Shmoop, Tim Kimbrell's team is responsible for securing and maintaining partnerships between Shmoop and school districts in all 50 states. During his time with Shmoop, Tim has worked tirelessly to ensure all customers of Shmoop receive services and attention beyond expectations.

Extended Abstract

Shmoop is a digital publisher with a one of a kind approach to college readiness. Understanding the challenges that come from engaging students with dated, dry, curriculum; Shmoop instead delivers a fun approach to learning. Through humor, pop culture references, and just enough snark to grab the attention of students, Shmoop's online courses and test prep programs engage and encourage deeper level thinking.

Attendees will walk away with a fresh approach to online learning, and access to hundreds of free resources to immediately use in classrooms.