D2L Focus Group

Concurrent Session 9

Brief Abstract

Teaching, learning, and instructor workflows in online learning environments

D2L is looking for passionate instructors to participate in a group discussion about engaging students in online courses.  Specifically, we are curious about the ways you interact with students, how you use assessments, and how you would describe your workflow.  After brief introductions, we will devote 30 minutes to discussing the essential questions listed below.  The session will conclude with a recap of key learnings and feedback on anything we missed.

Essential questions:

  • Interactions with students
  • How important is interacting with students in an online course to you?
  • What advantages do you think online courses create for instructor/student interactions?
  • Which effective strategies or techniques do you recommend for achieving high engagement levels?
  • What would your advice to vendors be to help address (challenges / concerns stated earlier)?


  • How do you use assessments in your online course?
  • Which strategies or techniques do you find most effective in assessing student work/activities/assignments?  Which do you feel are least effective?


  • How would you describe your workflow in your online course?
  • What do you spend the most time doing?  Is this an effective use of your time?  If not, how might you organize things differently?

***This focus group is invitation only***

Extended Abstract