How do you get an overview of the hot topics in research on online learning? How about the best presentations on new technology? Innovative ideas for student support? Best ideas in leadership and institutional strategies that support success in online learning? Meet the people doing the top award-winning work in developing new instructional strategies?

According to Beth Rubin, OLC Accelerate 2018 Program Co-Chair, the answer is: Attend the Town Hall Sessions at Accelerate 2018!

You will meet the track chairs who oversee the program in each area covered by OLC, as well as the people who selected the Best-In-Track sessions.

You will participate in a highly interactive group that will help to build the future of each area. Participants will identify topics that are up-and-coming, challenges that have to be overcome in the field. Help us identify the topics, issues or techniques that are missing from the Accelerate program. Collaborate with peers to Identify keywords that will be mined by OLC to diversity and update the conference in 2019.OLC Accelerate Town Hall Discussion

Join the community of practitioners and scholars who are building the future of our field.

These special sessions are presented by OLC Accelerate 2018 track chairs along with their best-in-track recipients.

Learn about the current hot trends in:

  • Research
  • Teaching tools and technologies
  • Learner support services
  • Leadership and institutional strategies
  • Professional development and support
  • Learning effectiveness

Join the top practitioners in the field for two components:

  • A quick snapshot of the current state of each track, with data about the field and visualizations of hot topics

  • A fully interactive and engaging collaborative session where you can participate in setting the future of the track for our OLC conference. Come help us identify cutting edge topics, and mine for the critical trends and key words that OLC will use for its call for proposals in the next years.

  • Join in discussions led by the Best-in-Track award winners – share ideas and build networks in your field.   Best in Strand Icon

Town halls will be streamed live, and virtual groups composed of on-site and online participants will all collaboratively contribute to the discussions.

Results will be captured for dissemination to all attendees—you won’t want to miss this opportunity to help us set the stage for future OLC conferences.

Add Town Halls to your schedule now!